It’s happened to you many times – you’re in a store desperately trying to find a clerk to give you more information about a product you intend to purchase. But no such luck. Cisco is changing that with its Remote Expert Smart Solution for Retail.

Rob Lloyd - Remote ExpertA recent article recapping a keynote at last week’s Enterprise Connect with Cisco’s Robert Lloyd, highlighted how Cisco wants to make the customer experience not only easier, but more enjoyable. What’s the overarching goal? Making sure the customer has a highly-personalized experience and is equipped with information to make their final purchase decision.

Once retailers get that prospect into a store they can’t afford to risk losing sales from customers left unsatisfied with the service they receive. Cisco’s Remote Expert Smart Solution for Retail enables retailers to provide customers with consistent, fulfilling and positive shopping experiences. Using real-time, life-like video from screens positioned throughout stores, experts, can connect via video to share documents, videos, websites and any other content helpful to customers. This access to experts can reassure them about quality, functionality and how it might fit individual customer needs.

Today’s shoppers are different from the retail customers of the past. They’re informed: They’ve read about and seen your products online in multiple places—on websites, through apps, in tweets and Facebook. By the time they’re in the store, they’re just about ready to buy, pending the answers to any lingering questions.

Just as customers now study detailed pictures of products, read reviews, ask questions and compare brands online, so too do they expect the same consistency of hyper-immersive product engagement in the store. Stores need to deliver on this experience if they are to complete sales and encourage more purchases.

The bottom line is Remote Expert helps retailers close a sale.

By virtualizing customer consultations, businesses can use their human resources in the most efficient ways possible. They can scale the use of high-value, high-paid experts to make them available at crucial times without having to arrange on-location access. These experts can also up-sell and cross-sell products and services, leading to additional revenue streams. More employees can work from remote locations, like home or corporate headquarters, where they can connect seamlessly when customers have questions.

For more on how Remote Expert is delivering a compelling shopping experience for customers, check out this video and demo from NRF 2013.