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Three Key Things to Consider When Choosing Video Conferencing Solutions

August 6, 2009 - 1 Comment
Video Conferencing Buyers Guide

Video Conferencing Buyers Guide

Three key things businesses should consider when choosing visual communications solutions are:

1.Quality of video:

To experience the optimal benefits of video communications, HD quality is absolute. With anything less than HD video, you quickly begin to lose the feeling of connectedness with the person on the other end because facial expressions, reactions, and visual cues become less apparent. This is a key differentiator between business caliber video and consumer video.

2. Total experience
When considering the entire video experience, ask: Is it easy to connect with everyone in the organization via multipoint calls? Can you collaborate by showing desktops and applications? Is the solution easy to deploy, manage, and scale as you grow? Does the quality the video projects reflect well on your business’ image?

3. Security
Lastly, because consumer PC video solutions are web-based and not designed for business use, they may be susceptible to security risks which can result in confidential information getting into the wrong hands.

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