We’ve noted it before: in-person matters for business relationships and market success. People build trust, respect and rapport by engaging with each other on a face-to-face level, allowing for nuance, body language and tone to bring conversations to life. It’s these conversations that drive business growth and raise profits.

These important in-person ties extend from colleague-to-colleague interactions to all points of contact between businesses and their customers, partners and clients. When discussing substantive content—the use of a product, qualifications for a service, the benefits of doing things a certain way—people want immediate, accessible, convenient, understandable expertise, and they want the delivery of this knowledge to feel personal.

Cisco’s Remote Expert was developed with this face-to-face engagement in mind. Remote Expert enables businesses to provide instant interactions and links to people trained to address specific concerns. Banks can have mortgage specialists available to customers at any time, even from thousands of miles away, ready to meet in-person to discuss sensitive loans. Retailers can provide live tutorials on product use and answer individual questions in real-time, all accessible to customers by the click of a button. And manufacturers can consult face-to-face with parts producers on the other side of the world, ensuring compatibility with design and a better final product.

Remote Expert helps businesses glean the most benefit from their most powerful asset—their people—by sharing their expertise far and wide. When businesses strive to maximize the reach of their knowledge base, customers and clients receive superior products and services. When this experience occurs immediately and in-person, superior products and services are delivered with personal touches that build lifelong brand loyalty.

What do you think? Could Remote Expert enhance your customer/client relations?