Telepresence…It Isn’t Just for the Boardroom

August 10, 2012 - 0 Comments

The number of innovative ways video can be used these days is astounding. I advocated in my last post the benefits telepresence can deliver for remote workers, but it is extends much further— it is transforming how we communicate, collaborate, educate, provide healthcare, service customers, and more!  The days of low resolution video conferencing or video only in the executive boardroom are long gone.

A recent CIO slideshow did a great job at highlighting the innovative use cases for video conferencing and telepresence  – all the way from 3D holograms to Cisco’s own Jabber. The technologies CIO references show the vast ways these solutions  are transforming the way we work, communicate, and collaborate.

As part of a team with members across the country, I rely on telepresence to connect and strengthen relationships with my individual team members. When traveling, I also use Cisco Jabber Video for TelePresence to stay in touch with my husband and dog Henry who use Cisco TelePresence technology from my home office (don’t believe me, check out the photo below).

Jabber Video - Home office

As video becomes more pervasive we can expect to see more innovative uses– not only to improve business processes but to generate new revenue streams, host events, build relationships and improve customer service.

For example, we recently hosted a series of wine tasting events to show our customers the many possibilities of telepresence. We connected renowned wine expert Michael Green from a remote location to customers in Reston, Virginia, New York and San Jose, California. During these events, Michael took participants on a “tasting journey” from Spain to Sonoma where they could ask questions and learn some new tips and tricks for wine tasting.

This event is further proof that a virtual in-person experience with telepresence can broaden the possibilities of remote events. Even though Michael was not physically present customer s were engaged and experienced Michael’s robust personality and passion for wine.

Beyond our recent wine tasting experience, we are already seeing telepresence entering into the battlefield and into healthcare.

Collaboration and telepresence technologies are bringing a smarter, more connected future for us all. Are you ready to help make it happen?

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