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Success in the Cloud: Better Collaboration, Better Business for Coraid

October 23, 2012 - 2 Comments

When we designed our WebEx Cloud applications, we had some critical customer needs in mind—improving internal and external communication, outshining competitors, upgrading technology, and staying within the budget, to name a few.

It’s exciting then to check in on a customer like Coraid, a cloud storage company of 170 employees, and see how a suite of Cisco collaboration tools has helped the company achieve, and exceed, its expectations. For starters, Coraid is using Cisco WebEx Telepresence to join its headquarters and engineering center in Redwood City, CA with its support and development group in Athens, GA .  The colleagues attend weekly town hall meetings on a Cisco TelePresence System C20 that captures large groups at both offices, and connects them in a way that makes them feel like, in the words of CEO Kevin Brown, “They’re in two halves of the same room separated by only a screen and the Internet.” With WebEx now delivering telepresence as a service, the cloud video collaboration experience has expanded from beyond the desktop to capture entire teams and bring office cultures together with life-like clarity. Check out this video for a visual of telepresence in action at Coraid.

Then there are the enhanced business processes and customer relations. With WebEx Meetings, Coraid’s engineers share drawings, presentations and other content with colleagues and clients, all during the course of web-based gatherings. This agile content sharing has helped Coraid realize a faster time-to-market. In addition, the ability to integrate Meetings with Coraid’s platform is especially powerful, letting the company easily capture more leads.

Coraid implemented these cloud-based solutions with little start-up cost or business interruption. The cloud enables fast start-up times requires no comprehensive maintenance, eliminating the need for specialized IT staff. In the words of Brown, “If we had to stop, slow down, and re-design the way our IT systems worked, or over-invest by 10 times the upfront costs, that would be a disaster. For us, the cloud has been a tremendous enabler of scale and speed.”

There’s one more perk that really can’t go unmentioned: The competitive edge. Coraid used to rely on free videoconferencing tools that it says came off as less than professional. According to the business executives at Coraid, WebEx Telepresence and Meetings offer a sophistication that impresses their Fortune 500 suppliers, partners and customers. Their business continues to expand rapidly by more than 12x over the last three years, with over 1600 customers across 45 countries.

Could your business realize similar success with cloud-based video solutions? Contact a Cisco sales representative today to learn more.

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  1. Yes Jeff, success always depend on better collaboraration and good team building. It is a goal oriented mantra, therefore all the stakeholders should be collaberate to get achivement. Thank you for writing a resourceful themetic article. I like it very much.

    • Googma,

      Thanks for your feedback. We agree about the merits of collaboration across all stakeholder groups and are continually working to make that experience reach more users while maintaining ease of use.