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Safety First with Telepresence and Video Conferencing

Safety is always a concern in the workplace, from handrails in the stairwell to “caution: wet floor” signs in the hallway; employers are always looking out for their employees’ well being. However, in some fields, such as the mining industry, hazards are more prevalent and more impactful, so strict safety measures are imperative. Proper training, supervision and communication are critical for ensuring the safety of employees, but aren’t always readily available due to shortage of resources or geographical limitations.

A recent article in Enterprise Innovation highlights how Xinji Energy, a Chinese energy producer, is overcoming these barriers with TelePresence and video conferencing. The management team was having a challenging time communicating effectively with their teams at coal production sites, which are usually in very rural areas. As a result one of two things kept happening; either there was a lack of supervision and training, which could have dire implications; or a substantial drain in managerial resources. Both had a negative impact on work productivity and output, which ultimately negatively affected the company’s bottom line.

“Telepresence is a breakthrough videoconferencing solution that changes the way businesses collaborate nationally and globally,” said Shum Mew Toong, General Manager for Datacraft China. “Telepresence users find their systems highly utilized. Only telepresence conferencing comes close to the face-to-face experience so crucial in business meetings, providing a real alternative to typical conferencing solutions that have been found lacking.”

Within just a few months of utilizing telepresence, Xinji Energy is experiencing positive effects and enhanced collaboration and communication between management and staff. This enhanced collaboration and communication has increased the safety of employees through better supervision, training and testing. The company has also seen a boost in productivity, which has ultimately improved the company’s bottom line.

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