Remote Healthcare With Video Conferencing is Increasing Successful Treatment

August 14, 2009 - 1 Comment

The use of video conferencing in telemedicine is revolutionizing care by providing patients with access to experts and healthcare providers they might not otherwise be able to see.

In London, the most ethnically diverse city in the world, Broadwater Farm Health Centre uses video to connect non-English speaking patients with translators, removing the language barrier to help ensure successful treatment.

Universtiy Hospital of Umea, Sweden used video conferencing to facilitate long-distance speech therapy from local centres and patients’ homes. The removal of lengthy travel has enabled increased sessions, resulting in faster time to recovery.

Specialists on Call have significantly shortened the time to treatment for stroke victims by making remote specialists available via video to approve the administration of life-saving medication. Watch the video:

See how other healthcare organizations are using video conferencing to help people.

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