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Realizing the Promise of Safety and Security for Businesses, Governments and People, Everywhere

September 23, 2013 - 0 Comments

The New York Times provides us with daily stories and often highlights insights and aspects of safety and security challenges that impact people, businesses, governments and the global economy.

Our ability to provide for the safety and security of people, communities, businesses everywhere, across a nation or region, will impact to a very large degree, the future economic growth, prosperity, stability, and sustainability of a region or nation.  This is why safety and security is considered a top priority by businesses and government leaders, everywhere.  In fact, safety and security is arguably one of most important legacies we can provide for future generations.

Cisco is investing in new technology innovations with Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to provide vastly superior capabilities for businesses and government leaders to help manage Connected Safety and Security solutions that deliver efficiencies and new capabilities at unprecedented scope and scale.


Brazil Ministry of Justice Introduces Mobile Command and Control Center

Brazil Ministry of Justice Introduces Mobile Command and Control Center

These observations were highlighted in an article recently published by the Brazil media, Politica, Dilma opens command center and says World Cup security is guaranteed, where Pesident Dilma of Brazil recently called the new Integrated Mobile Command Center, spearheaded by the Brazil Ministry of Justice, an important “legacy” of public safety for future generations.  With safety and security in place, Brazil is better enabling public safety and security agencies everywhere and can now provide significantly better public safety, across Brazil’s security agencies to support large events, such as the Confederations Cup, FIFA World Cup and the future 2014 Olympics.

In the article,  President Dilma talks about what this means.   “We can now say that security during the Confederations Cup is guaranteed”, the president said during the handover ceremony.  The president said that technology innovation in the field of public safety is one of the legacies that these major sporting events will leave behind in Brazil. “We need to tell people what the permanent legacy will be for the Brazilian population. What is the legacy for society? What will it leave behind? One of the major legacies from the Confederations Cup, as well as the World Cup and the Olympics, is a high level of public security in Brazil. Integrating, coordinating and managing the systems on a joint basis is a duty of the State”.

Trajano Gabriel, Public Safety Solutions product manager for Medidata Informatic S/A, recently spoke about Brazil’s Ministry of Justice Integrated Mobile Command and Control Center project in a roundtable and news event on September 19th, 2013, together with Charles Byrd, Public Safety Technology Manager for Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART), and Guido Jouret, Cisco’s Senior Vice President for Cisco’s Internet of Things Group, who also announced new IoT solutions for Connected Safety and Security now available from Cisco during the event and roundtable.

rajano Gabriel, Medidata, Public Safety Solutions Product Manager

Trajano Gabriel, Medidata, Public Safety Solutions Product Manager

Trajano explained how Brazil’s Ministry of Justice is using technologies and solutions provided by Cisco’s IP Interoperability and Collaboration System (IPICS).    The solution, he said, allows for greatly improved communications, collaboration and coordination across previously disparate and separate public safety agencies and systems and provides important new capabilities for day to day operations and during events.  The main goal for using this vehicle was to have the public safety agencies use different types of communications, radio communications and situational awareness to improve decision making across mobile command and distributed agencies and command centers.  According to President Dilma, this is remarkable project.  The capabilities were made possible with the vision and leadership of the Brazil Ministry of Justice, who were inspired by the Cisco Network Emergency Vehicle platform capabilities.  They worked closely together with Medidata and the Cisco team to plan, design, deploy these new capabilities and 27 mobile command vehicles to support large events.

The ability to easily and securely manage intelligent connected devices and systems at extremely large scale is a key requirement for all businesses and governments with the evolution of the IoT technologies.

Brazil Ministry of Justice - Mobile Command and Control Center

Brazil Ministry of Justice – Mobile Command and Control Center

With the evolution of the IoT , the next technology transition, where devices will allow us to sense and control the physical world by making objects smarter, and connecting them through an intelligent network, we are all better poised to realize the promise of safety and security for businesses, governments, and people everywhere.  Smarter systems, devices, and applications will enable us to improve safety and security, and also to deliver new levels of  operational efficiencies, asset optimization and improved productivity.

Cisco’s new IoT innovations boost scalability to allow the management of a practically unlimited number of cameras and connected devices and enable more intelligent Safety and Security Solutions.   Cisco’s new IoT  enabled Connected Safety and Security solutions, powered by IoT technologies, applications, and architectures provide hyper-scalable, hyper-flexible, hyper-agile ease of use and management for connected cameras, systems and devices. New technology innovations will also enable distributed business intelligence with a new application development platform for IP Cameras allowing them to be smart endpoints on the network,  enabling organizations to add functionality as new applications are developed.

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Realizing the Promise of Connected Safety and Security with IoT enabled solutions from Cisco

Realizing the Promise of Connected Safety and Security with IoT enabled solutions from Cisco















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