As video technology becomes more prevalent in both the consumer and business worlds, employees expect to find it in more places in the work environment. These days, it’s not uncommon to walk into a conference room and see a table surrounded by people using their laptops to watch a speaker or presentation from another location.

Cost and complication prevented many organizations from deploying video beyond the large rooms and executive suite. That’s no longer the case. Today, you can take advantage of existing equipment to bring two-way video to rooms that previously had only basic displays on the wall.

Quick Set products like SX10 and SX20 are a cost-effective alternative solution that provides the necessary parts without the higher cost of AV integrations or traditional integrated video conferencing systems.

We recently added the SX10 to our Cisco TelePresence SX Series line of solution products, which together with SX20 make up Quick Set solutions for video-enabling existing traditional meeting rooms. These two products are an affordable way to take advantage of your existing displays or monitors to deliver intelligent, high-definition videoconferencing. You can achieve sophisticated video collaboration experiences with flexibility for easy integration into many different types of rooms.

Extending your current display investments with a SX Quick Set video solution can offer the following benefits:

  • Utilize Existing Equipment: Combined with the Quick Set solutions, you can turn the displays and monitors you already have in your meeting and conference rooms into part of a high-definition video conferencing experience.
  • Simple Installation: Simple-to-install units allow for quick and easy installation, and provisioning is done in seconds to secure the right configurations. Quick Set products make it possible to set up the equipment and start or join a high-definition video call within minutes.
  • Ease to Use: Intuitive touch devices will be offered with SX10 and SX20 to make videoconferencing as easy as a voice call, and giving you a consistent look and feel.
  • Highly Flexible:  With three camera options and a powerful codec, the SX20 Quick Set can accommodate rooms ranging from small, medium and large. And a wide field of view allows both the SX10 and SX20 to cover the widest possible view within their designated environments.
  • Greater Affordability:  With the introduction of SX10 at prices comparable to a computer and the recent changes to offer SX20 with full functionality of 1080p60 resolution, 1080p30 content sharing and dual display support as included in the price with no additional charge we are making video enablement of existing meeting rooms an affordable task.

Quick Set products offer flexibility to create affordable video collaboration rooms of many sizes. They provide the ability to deliver easy-to-install and easy-to-use video solutions to employees who want to improve their collaboration beyond the office walls. And for many organizations, the ability to leverage existing equipment is key to making this happen.

How can your organization benefit from video-enabling more conference rooms – quickly, easily and affordably?