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Next week DoDIIS is the place to be

At next week’s DoDIIS Worldwide Conference, “Empowering Decision Advantage,” in Orlando, attendees will get to experience first-hand Tandberg’s New Way of Working.

With our immersive Telepresence T3 solution shown in Booth #405, participants will see how video teleconferencing (VTC) allows for accelerated decision-making and creates an environment in which real-time sharing of intelligence can take place between constituents in the field with strategy planners and policymakers.

In today’s increasingly global environment, that accelerated decision-making and real-time sharing of intelligence are key to the success of every mission. Here are some considerations you should discuss with your VTC provider to ensure your system will meet your needs today and tomorrow:

Interoperability — a great videoconferencing system is only as great as its ability to connect you with whom you need to connect– if your technology doesn’t work with the person you need to communicate with, then what’s the point? Make sure your VTC system is standards-based so that you can connect with anyone, anytime, and in any way. Don’t let disparate networks, multi-vendor systems, inconsistent quality and functional complexity keep your agency from completing its mission.

Scalability — big problems can require large groups of people to solve them. Make sure your VTC provider has an offering that can scale to accommodate multiple participants, so you can take high-definition or standard video systems into large interconnected conferences with a call from a desk system, to a PC, to a mobile device, to an immersive room-system for a true-to-life experience.

Ease of Use/Manageability — once you’ve installed a VTC system, you need to make sure that you understand how to use and manage it to ensure that you get the full benefit of your investment. Choosing a vendor includes picking a company that will support you from installation through deployment and can supply continued support. Don’t get left with a system that you can’t use effectively and easily.

Visit TANDBERG at DoDIIS (Booth #405) to see how close VTC can be to “real life.”

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