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New Movi release means big things for health and education VTC implementations

September 17, 2010 - 0 Comments

On Break Down the Walls we’ve advocated for the proliferation of telework in the federal government, discussed the benefits that video teleconferencing (VTC) can have for federal agencies and local governments, espoused the importance of the proliferation of telehealth and telemedicine and preached about the ways that VTC can make educational experiences better while reducing costs.

However, for many schools, hospitals and government agencies, there have been minor roadblocks in the past between them and adopting VTC solutions. For many, these roadblocks were the cost and logistics of purchasing and installing VTC equipment.

When TANDBERG released Movi, we gave all of these organizations a way around these roadblocks. We created a product that could integrate seamlessly with any telepresence and VTC system. As a software solution coupled with a high quality camera capable of working with any laptop or desktop PC, Movi was an inexpensive, easy-to-install and flexible solution capable of enabling rapid adoption of VTC across even large organizations quickly and easily.

Unfortunately for many educational institutions that used Mac computers, the Movi solution wasn’t compatible with Mac. Also, doctors looking to utilize Movi for telehealth and telemedicine activities found it difficult without the ability to move the far-end camera (the camera on the patient’s side of the call).

Luckily, the newest version of Movi, Movi 4.0, was just released. This new Movi still delivers the same ease of installation and flexibility, but addresses the largest pain-points facing Movi users in education and healthcare.

First, Movi is now compatible with Mac computers. This is huge in the education space, where many schools have made the switch to everyone’s favorite fruit-named computer.

Second, the new Movi 4.0 enables far-end camera control. This enables doctors and other medical professionals to easily examine patients on the other end of a video teleconference.

Movi 4.0 is breaking down the walls separating educators and medical professionals from the VTC solutions and applications that could help them do their jobs more effectively and efficiently. By making VTC solutions more accessible, TANDBERG is continuing to enable a new way of working.

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