The video collaboration world has reached another interesting inflection point.  The market has shown that there is an experience threshold to deliver effective remote video collaboration – recall the rapid doubling of the video market between 2006 and 2008 when HD video became possible across a range of platforms.  It is also clear that high quality experience delivers both dramatic productivity increases as well as significant business growth opportunities.  So what is holding back the market currently?

The challenge has been to deliver the threshold experience at a price point that is accessible to everyone. The solutions that are being offered up until now have either been too expensive to roll out at scale or have compromised on quality, security, connectivity and interoperability to the point where the experience threshold is not achieved.  The market has shown that “good enough” does not deliver the type of user experiences that businesses need.

We have been talking about quality attributes for some time, and arguably Cisco has been progressively improving this with both software and hardware developments.  However, the latest endpoints announcements from Cisco at Enterprise Connect address perhaps the most fundamental requirement to drive the video collaboration market:

  • Delivering business video for everyone

Video collaboration has delivered many benefits to the organizations that are taking advantage of it today. By embracing this technology these organizations are seeing greater productivity among their employees, partners and vendors as well as reduction in travel costs by using video to be anywhere at any time.

Delivering video to businesses of all sizes and to users of all types is the central goal of the new Cisco video collaboration endpoints announced at Enterprise Connect 2014 in Orlando, FL:

  • To deliver a set of form factors and price points applicable to everyone – from the largest enterprises to the smallest startups
  • To enable these to be applied everywhere – from executive offices and board rooms, to huddle rooms and small meeting spaces.

Organizations small, medium or large can choose endpoints that scale, are feature rich, secure, offer a high quality user experience and feature set, and are based on open standards that allow everyone to connect, at a consumer price.  No more compromise.

By opening up business grade video to organizations of any size and for any room environment, I believe Cisco has created the basis for another significant market transition.  Lastly, to use our SVP Rowan Trollope’s words from his keynote at Enterprise Connect; “You ain’t seen nothing yet!”