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Meeting the Inevitability of Telework Head On

February 12, 2010 - 0 Comments
TANDBERG 1700MXP personal telepresence system helps keep teleworkers connected face-to-face

TANDBERG 1700MXP personal telepresence system helps keep teleworkers connected face-to-face

A recent article in CIO discusses the inevitability of remote working. It states that it is particularly demanded by the younger staff members that require more flexibility and mobility with their work schedules. Employers are still highly fearful of flexible working; sighting concerns such as: “How do I know my mobile workers are actually working? What’s in it for me as a manager to have the boundaries disappear? Will ideas suffer?”

These concerns are valid, but can be met head on with the right solutions. With the many different personal video conferencing devices out there it is becoming increasingly easier for employers to “see” their employees working and to maintain that personal working experience that is important to both employer and employee. The right communication tools can keep the boundaries from disappearing. A manager and his or her employees can still hold face-to-face meetings and supervisory guidance can still be given in a personal way through video conferencing. Ideas don’t have to suffer just because an employee isn’t in a conventional office setting. On the contrary, with all parties involved in a meeting having the ability to be at different places and in different time zones at once, one can argue that the time for creativity is now greater and easier to come by than ever.

A recent study by Lumison found that 73 percent of office workers believe that they would be more productive if they worked from home, and 65 percent claim to work longer hours when they do. Society has shifted from the typical 9-5 workday to more of a 24/7 approach. It makes sense that not all of these hours can be spent in an office and the time for more flexible working arrangements has arrived.

How do you think that remote working would benefit your work productivity?

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