Medianet enables intelligent network and application management systems

Traditional network performance management relies on probes/service modules for data collection but it does not scale as monitoring is best done pervasively unless you already know in advance where all the problems are going to be. Furthermore, traditional solutions have not been able to provide adequate visibility and the relationship between the network and applications to pinpoint the issue.

Medianet introduces monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities embedded with routers, switches, endpoints and applications. Essentially router, switches and endpoints/applications become passive probes so pervasive monitoring is possible. The instrumentation across routers, switches and endpoints/applications offer a hop by hop view of traffic performance (loss, jitter, latency, etc.) that was too costly or complex of network operators to deploy.

The media monitoring framework bridges between the network and the application to provide unparalleled visibility. It enables an application management system to easily provide end-to-end visibility and isolation of issues not just for the endpoints, but the network. Cisco Prime Collaboration Manager (CM) is an example application management system that leverages the powerful instrumentation to deliver flow level information with rich details about endpoints, services and the network, including the network path, to support quick identification of root causes impacting quality of experience.

Traditional network management systems can also be augmented by the media monitoring framework. Cisco Prime Assurance Manager (PAM) is an example network performance management system that leverages the powerful instrumentation to analyze data with additional granularity for fault isolation and it is able to build performance trees that can clearly show how the network topology is affecting performance.

Although CM and PAM may appear to provide similar functions, they target different audiences. The former is targeted for IT managers who are responsible for collaboration endpoints and infrastructure. The latter is targeted for network managers who are responsible for the performance of the network.  Read the whitepaper “Network and Application Management Made Simple” to learn more.

The media monitoring framework of Medianet creates new opportunities for application management systems to perform network analysis that was too complex before. It also creates new opportunities for network management systems to follow the hop by hop experience of a packet as it traverses the network. This hop by hop view of traffic performance was too costly or complex for network and application operators to deploy before. It is now possible with Medianet and the finger-pointing goes away.

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