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Medianet – Horizontal & Vertical integration – In practice!

January 23, 2012 - 0 Comments

In the last medianet blog, Ulrica de Fort-Menares described the medianet architecture as two concepts: horizontal and vertical integration. In this blog we will discuss some examples of these concepts.

Vertical integration is about applications and network working together end-to-end across the network to deliver intelligent services. One of the ways to realize this vertical integration is through Media Services Interface (MSI) which was discussed in an earlier blog. MSI is a software component that is embedded in video endpoints and collaboration applications allowing them to leverage intelligent network services. The network also benefits from the integration by being able to get contextual information from the endpoints and applications.

One example of medianet vertical integration is the WebEx integration with MSI which allows WebEx to leverage network services like media monitoring to help administrators to ensure a good quality of experience for users. WebEx clients with MSI use performance monitor statistics to collect network performance statistics. If a degradation occurs, WebEx automatically starts a mediatrace allowing for a quick end-to-end diagnosis of where and what the problem might be. Watch this video to learn more.

Horizontal integration is about providing services that run across the infrastructure in order to deliver a consistent experience. An example of medianet horizontal integration include the Cisco Media Transformation Services (e.g. Media Services Engine). These services accelerate the transition to pervasive video by connecting people and media across any device or application improving accessibility and ease of use. To learn more about these media transformation services watch the videos in this page.

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