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Is your agency ready for H1N1?

September 15, 2009 - 0 Comments

Imagine that it’s mid-January and the reality of an H1N1 flu pandemic is upon us. No less than half of your team has been diagnosed with some strain of the flu, and some of those that aren’t sick are in the vulnerable populations of pregnant women, asthmatics or diabetics. The CDC recommends that during an influenza pandemic, all sick people should stay away from the workplace.

Your company has put guidelines in place guidelines for those who are sick to stay at home. But, the reality is that there will always be someone who shows up sick, potentially contaminating the entire office.

As we look ahead to this possibility, it is a good time to assess your agency’s capabilities to keep your workforce engaged and meeting critical deadlines during a pandemic. Ensuring that you have a thorough and thoughtful strategy for employees and management to telework is essential. Adding video conferencing to the mix is a consideration to ensure that managers can meet face-to-face with employees, particularly since there could be extended absences and high stress levels during an outbreak.

TANDBERG has begun scheduling sessions with agencies, schools, healthcare providers and others to share best practices on ways to add mobility to existing video communication strategies. Truly mobile video communications are here but questions remain for many: How does my agency incorporate mobility into my existing communications infrastructure? How can I easily and efficiently mass deploy endpoints? How do I ensure that the technology will be utilized?

These are obviously big questions. We can share some suggestions with you, along with some best practices and hands-on experience on what works and what doesn’t.

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