How much does telecommuting save, anyway? (Hint: LOTS)

June 15, 2012 - 5 Comments

Rely on the trusty Internet Business Services Group within the Cisco to come up with insightful research nuggets on how we all really work.  Their latest IBSG Horizons Study, “The Everywhere Employee“,  gives some fascinating detail on the dollars and sense underlying the idea of working “your way”.

Most interesting to me, of course, is the part about telecommuting.  Did you know that 44% of knowledge workers telecommute at least one day a week?  And that this one day a week alone saves companies $2,400 a year per employee?

So let’s do the math (my favorite part).  In a 10,000 person company, 4,400 employees work one day a week from somewhere else, which translates to a whopping $11 million a year.  Enough to pay for some nice executive bonuses!

This pairs nicely with the findings of a study Stanford University professors published in November 2011, “Does Working from Home Work?”.  They gave an emphatic “yes” and also ran the numbers specific to their use case (which examined full-time telecommuters), located in Appendix A4.

So how does this relate to video? In every way possible. Not only can you use a nice, sleek EX90 TelePresence unit on your home office desk, you can use Jabber video on your tablet. Or take your laptop into the neighborhood coffeeshop and join the video-based Webex meeting (just please remember to mute: coffee grinders are loud).

See you on video!

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  1. I agree with Mark’s comment. I worked in the office for several years, and then moved across the country and became a full time remote worker. I have found that I can get the same amount of work done, and often more, than I would being in the office. Distractions are reduced and I enjoy a quiet comfortable atmosphere… but I can still use WebEx to meet with colleagues and customers. And of course, I save money not having to commute!

    • Absolutely, Lexi! We’re able to keep our car ownership to one because I telecommute. The savings continue: no additional insurance, no additional gas or maintenance costs, a little bit more exercise (if I need to run errands), etc. And frankly, I save on wardrobe costs!

  2. My guess would be savings in electrical, HVAC, cutbacks in infrastructure density…I personally am far more productive remotely than I am in the office, simply because I am more distracted at HQ. Too many people, too many meetings, all vying for time.

    • You are right, Mark. Most of the cost in electrical, HVAC; it enables “hoteling” whereby people do not have fixed cubicles. I’m also much more productive at my home office. I might miss out on the water cooler gossip, but I get a heck of a lot more done!

  3. How does Cisco figure $2400 per year?