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Giving a big apple to teachers in the Big Apple

January 28, 2010 - 0 Comments

With America’s school systems seeing decreases in gradation rates and the country losing its edge in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) subject knowledge to other countries, it’s evident change is needed.

The call to reform education has led to some very drastic measures being taken in cities across America. In New York, the Education Department has begun closing schools that are failing to meet standards. This move is going to cost a significant number of jobs and create hardships for students and parents whose schools are being affected.

Although the shuttering of large, failing schools in favor of smaller educational establishments has proven positive for graduation rates and other standards of evaluating academic performance, it’s not without negatives.

New York State is currently under significant budget constraints and cuts to New York City’s budget are already expected to cost 8,500 teachers and scores of other city employees their jobs. With the closing and reorganization of 19 schools, in conjunction with the other cuts being made to city personnel, the increase in unemployed citizens will invariably cause considerable strain on New York’s social services.

Video teleconferencing (VTC) solutions help improve underperforming schools VTC delivers not only experts, professionals and educational content, but allows high performing teachers and administrators to extend their reach to students across campus, across the state or around the world. With VTC, students access classes on other campuses, talk to experts about how everyday lessons relate to real life professions and occurrences, tour places they could previously not visit and see their lessons come to life.

With the ability to share resources through VTC, schools are able to offer the highest quality staff and a wide array of lessons and subjects to students in multiple locations. This allows schools to share the best teachers and even offer subjects that may have been cut for budget purposes such as the arts and foreign languages.

Closing schools may help to increase graduation rates and improve academic standards when looking at statistics, but there are significant costs to the community. Using VTC to break down the walls between students and a better education is a better way of teaching…and learning.

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