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Get in Shape with Video Conferencing

April 6, 2010 - 0 Comments

workoutVideo conferencing is known to help get communications in shape, but I’ve found a way to use video to help keep the rest of me in shape too.

Recently, my sister and I started a DVD exercise program together to motivate each other to work out every day. We were making good progress and sticking with the routine for about a week and a half when I had to go out of town. Neither of us wanted to break the momentum we had going, so we came up with the idea to continue working out together while I was away with the help of video conferencing.

Although we were 1,200 miles apart, we continued the workout program on schedule. Using PC video conferencing, I called my sister on her personal video conferencing system which she pointed at both herself and the T.V.  This way I was able to watch and participate without ever missing a beat.

Here are some other ways video conferencing can help people get in shape:

  • Gyms can offer more exercise classes by allowing the instructors to teach remotely. Its more cost efficient for the gyms and provides more options for customers.
  • Work out DVDs are expensive, so a group of friends could invest in a single program and still work out in the comfort of their own home by sharing the content directly from video conferencing systems. This way they can see each other and watch the DVD at the same time.
  • If you don’t have a work out buddy near you to help stay motivated, find someone else online in your same situation and meet over video to work out virtually.

Got any other ideas?

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