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From Idea to Multi-Billion Dollar Business: Cisco TelePresence Redefining the Playing Field

October 21, 2011 - 3 Comments

Over six years ago, I was asked to build and lead a Cisco team to incubate new emerging technologies that can generate $1 billion worth of revenue and enable Cisco to capture key market transitions, driving the network as a platform.  Together, this entrepreneurial team investigated market trends and customer needs and quickly realized that video and more specifically video communications was going to be a game changer and transform forever the way people communicate and collaborate.  I like to say: words convey meaning; a picture says a thousand words; but video says it all.

That was the start of a vision and idea called telepresence.  It’s about delivering a video experience so intuitive, so lifelike and natural that it recreates an in-person experience. Today, TelePresence is a well established market category, in a multi-billion dollar market where Cisco owns over 50% market share.  I feel honored and privileged to have been part of this journey with the Cisco team.  We have accomplished a lot to be proud of and there is much more to dream and innovate.

What started as our journey to save travel costs and optimize employee productivity for enterprises worldwide, has today evolved to accelerating time to market, expanding access to experts (patient care, education and other professional remote services) and transforming how companies do business.

Now that we’ve reached our five-year milestone with Cisco TelePresence, it’s time to talk about where our vision will take us from here. Our plan is simple: We are committed to making Cisco TelePresence accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Sounds too ambitious? Join us at a live webcast on October 25 at 9:00 a.m. PT where we will unveil the next phase in our evolution and redefine TelePresence.

Pre-register today for the Virtual Launch Event/Ustream (Talk2Cisco).

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  1. Good to see that teamwork DOES have its rewards. And congratulations on the 5 year milestone and for keeping on trying to innovate.

  2. We at CILC have, for nearly 18 years, been promoting the use of videoconferencing to create "being there" experiences for students in classrooms, connecting them to museums, science, history, and cultural centers. And, we support "the human network" by creating a clearing house of these opportunities and collaborations. THANK YOU, Cisco, for validating our vision. With a company like Cisco promoting the value, it is a HUGE support to a small non-profit like CILC. Thank you!

    • Hey Ruth.....Thank YOU for providing such a great resource to our schools and Uni's we are looking forward to expanding that network here in Australia this next year......