While it sounds too good to be true, it can be simple to build seemingly complicated video installations. Like a custom-built house, you can build video-collaboration rooms to specification. And custom doesn’t always have to mean complex. Cisco is helping organizations do that today by creating a solution with powerful codecs, intelligent imaging technology, and flexible software.

I’m often asked how to quickly build training or briefing rooms with presenters on both ends. People usually ask about a briefing room with 24 classroom seats or a 100-seat training room. They typically have three key requirements:

  • Local presenter or when the presenter is in the room
  • Remote presenter or when the presenter is calling in
  • Interactive discussion between different sites with local presenter at the podium

FH video blog post SX80 8_4_14

This requires multiple screens, a powerful video codec, and intelligent imaging technology. Cisco SX80 codec with Precision 60 Camera or SpeakerTrack 60 dual camera system, for tracking the active speaker, are key to the solution. Pulling these hardware components together is a software template we created to be easily accessible on an intuitive touch interface – the Touch 10. This powerful combination of hardware and software, tuned to common user requirements, is the foundation of the simplicity. It acts as a blueprint to help customers create a presentation-style video collaboration environment. You can see it in our Project Workplace tool, which is designed to help you visualize popular video scenarios.

You can configure and install a training or briefing room with these tools in three easy steps:

Step 1: Install equipment as described in Project Workplace
Step 2: Connect the cables as described in the administrator guide
Step 3: Select briefing room mode on the SX80’s web interface

For many organizations that want an effortless way to build videoconferencing rooms with a consistent look and feel, our integrated systems provide the right approach. These systems combine codec, camera, screen and user interface into a clean and beautiful design.

We also extend this simplicity and elegance to organizations that need to customize environments such as those in education, training, and other industries. Learn more about setting up a briefing room from one of our product experts in the video below.


Over time, we plan to create more packaged solutions to address other hard-to-deploy, yet frequently requested video environments.

Tell me about your complex video collaboration projects. I’m sure my team and I can help you simplify it.