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DVR for the Business Meeting

I recently moved from the Central Time Zone to the Eastern Time Zone and one of the things I quickly noticed is that all of my favorite TV shows are on too late for me to  stay up and watch them if I want to be able to wake up on time for work the next day. This realization prompted me to invest in a DVR. Now I can watch the shows at my convenience and fast forward through the parts that don’t interest me, both of which save me time.

I now find myself in a similar situation once again, only at work, not home. When the East coast based company that I work for was recently acquired by a West coast company, it suddenly became common for meeting times to either be double booked or scheduled too late for me to attend. This sudden shift in my daily schedule left me looking for an answer to my time management problem. I was very thankful to find one in the form of a video recording solution. It’s like a DVR for your video conferencing and telepresence meetings.

Much like the cable and satellite companies are offering DVR subscriptions so that you never have to miss your favorite shows again, most video conferencing and telepresence companies offer recording services so you never have to miss a meeting again. With the availability of a video recording service I no longer feel guilty about not attending those meetings that are either double booked or scheduled too late; I simply access them at my earliest convenience and watch, not just listen, to the conversations that took place and the people’s physical reactions to statements and questions. Being able to watch the meeting makes me feel more like I am actually participating and gives me better insight into the overall opinions of the other attendees.

Video collaboration has made all of the difference in the world to my work/life balance. I can now get home at a reasonable hour and not have to worry about missing something important. The meeting is delivered just as clearly the next day as it was the night before. It is also great for trainings on demand. Video recording versus audio recording is the difference between listening to your favorite sporting team’s playoff game on the radio and watching it in HD. There’s no comparison!

Do you think the ability to video record meetings would help you with time management?

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