Continuing the Evolution of Video

December 19, 2013 - 6 Comments

Enterprises have made major investments in video endpoints and continue to do so—with good reason. Would you personally want to attend a two-day strategy meeting via iPhone or Skype? I doubt it. There is a place and a time for room-based systems, and our customers not only understand and appreciate that—they invest accordingly.

At the same time, it is important to note that hardware costs have come down, and new pricing models and financing are available too. Bottom line: our customers can video-enable their organizations or their home offices for remote workers, with a desktop system that delivers a high-quality video experience for as little as $25/month.  Customers can also deploy larger integrated systems for a more immersive experience for as low as $350/month. These price points bring boardroom video capabilities to a user spectrum across the company.

With all the talk of clouds and services, we see an even bigger opportunity for customers to get more out of their hardware investments.  We are modifying our endpoints to work seamlessly with the collaboration devices people choose to use on their personal time. Case in point: our recently announced Intelligent Proximity capabilities allow users to link their personal mobile devices with on-premises products. Just like your car and mobile phone “communicate” to transfer calls in progress, you can now wirelessly sync your video desk phone with your mobile phone. This means you can easily import contacts and call histories from the mobile phone to the desk phone. You can move a call already in progress.

Ultimately, people want things to work and they want it to be easy. They want something that will work really well on its own but also integrate seamlessly with all the devices that their colleagues are using: video desk phones, conference room systems, mobile phones. For that they need to partner with a company that has a well-thought-out and intelligent strategy that marries hardware and software and gets everyone on video simply—no matter where they are or what their needs.

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  1. Hi,

    Would the software release apply and be available to all models SX 20 and above?

  2. Could you please let us know the codec version required to access the Intelligent Proximity feature – there does not seem to be any reference docs up yet.

  3. Please can you tell us more about the expressway. I believe it will allow companies to telepresence other companies over the internet? Is that correct?

    • Yes, using VCS-Expressway you can do B2B(other company over internet) calls. VCS-E communicate with VCS-C to provide security.