Cisco’s IOT Connected Safety and Security applications at Cisco Live

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Innovative Cisco’s IOT applications for Connected Safety and Security were showcased at the Cisco Live IOT Pavilion, Booth #1558, demonstrating Cisco’s IOT end to end portfolio capabilities and application benefits enabled by connecting the unconnected.

As you have probably heard by now, the Internet of Everything is all about connecting the unconnected. It is about creating the same kinds of efficiencies and new business models that came from the internet as we know it, but to now do that for the 99% of the world’s people, processes and devices that are not yet connected to the IP network. This includes things like cars, houses and machines, it includes people who work in industries like manufacturing, oil & gas, utilities, and mining, just to name a few.

Cisco’s definition of the “The Internet of Everything” brings together people, processes, data, and things to make networked connections more relevant and valuable than ever before – turning information into actions that create new capabilities, richer experiences, and unprecedented economic opportunity for businesses, individuals, and countries.”

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the connection of all machines, devices, sensors, automobiles, cameras and “things” to help customers improve operations and save valuable time, money and even lives.

Cisco’s IOT applications for Connected Physical Security solutions are part of Cisco’s Internet of Things (IOT) portfolio and are delivering on Cisco’s vision for Internet of Everything (IOE) today:  Securing the Internet of Things.


IOT End to End Portfolio

IOT End to End Portfolio

Cisco’s Internet of Everything initiative is about connecting the unconnected – all of the people, processes and devices that currently are not enabled by the IP network. This includes traditional enterprise environments and also all of the organizations whose employees work outside a traditional office. Think of agriculture, construction, manufacturing, healthcare, mining, energy, etc… All of these activities and jobs include machinery, electronics, people and operations that represent huge opportunities for driving productivity, efficiency and new ways to interact by harnessing the power of new forms of data and by integrating business processes.

Question: So why are Cisco’s IOT applications for Connected Safety and Security more important and relevant to enterprise and governments, than ever before? … and how do Cisco’s IOT applications for Connected Safety and Security help solve key challenges as “The Internet of Everything” brings together people, processes, data and things?

Answer: As the world becomes increasingly connected the issues of risk and security are amplified.  So to meet these challenges, Cisco and its partners are delivering the intelligent network required for organizations to deal with critical challenges such as protecting data, maintaining privacy, ensuring the safety of their people and their customers, and complying with government regulations.


IOT applications for Connected Safety and Security include the products, services and solution architectures we initially developed for physical security that can also now provide the eyes, ears and collaboration environment for everything that happens outside the office.

IOT Endpoints

IOT Endpoints


1 Seat SFOC

Mark Gonsalves at Cisco Live demonstrating Cisco IPICS

At Cisco Live  we are demonstrating three

categories of  applications for Cisco IOT Connected Safety and Security Solutions.  1) Facility Protection, 2) Collaborative Operations, 3) Business Intelligence.

Let’s take a brief look at each of these demos and application areas.

IOT applications for Facility Protection:

Facility protection is what you would think of as traditional physical security.

Question:  So what is different about Cisco’s IOT applications beyond traditional physical security that make them IOT application ready?

Answer:  Enterprise Networks, Unified Data Center technologies and architectures, and IOT network ready technologies like medianet used to deliver them.

All of Cisco’s IOT applications for Connected Safety and Security are virtualized on Cisco’s award winning Unified Data Center technologies, the Unified Computing Systems platforms (B series, C series, E series) that provide unmatched scalability, agility and flexibility and value for customers. The 1-Seat Safety and Facilities Operations Center (SFOC) demo showcases integrated end to end applications that can support Enterprise Networks and Cloud Network applications, and can be managed to deliver increased end-to-end reliability and security.  The 1-Seat-SFOC demo integrates Cisco Video Surveillance, Cisco medianet IP cameras, Cisco Physical Access Control, and Cisco Incident Response / Cisco IP Interoperability and Collaboration System.   Medianet is common network architecture across networked IOT applications, network s and endpoints, and that lowers cost, provides IT automation, allows easier consumption of IT applications, and provides consistency, in security, and increased reliability in IOT applications and services.

Cisco Live video demonstration of IOT applications:

IOT applications for Collaboration Operations:

Collaborative Operations IOT applications extends Cisco collaboration portfolio beyond the traditional office boundaries where people work outside or in large distributed geographic areas. These environments may be city workers, utility and Oil & gas crews, the manufacturing floor, or public safety, who may typically communicate with each other through push-to-talk radio systems.

With Collaborative Operations solutions for IOT, we have brought together devices, systems, and technologies in these environments allowing organizations to use their radios, with unified communications and video from fixed and mobile cameras to provide a rich media collaboration environment that allows managers and remote experts to work directly with people in the field to drive efficiency, reduce down time and improve effectiveness.

We are demonstrating this capability at Cisco Live through applications such as Reality Mobile’s Reality Vision application, and Cisco’s Incident Response solution called Cisco IP Interoperability and Collaboration System.

IOT Collaborative Operations Demo with, Brian Geoghegan, Reality Mobile:

Reality Mobile’s application enables real-time collaboration and real-world decision making while meeting enterprise needs for strict security, rigorous manageability and simultaneous information flows in multiple directions—often ad hoc – The RealityVision platform is integrated with Cisco’s hyperscale IOT application for video surveillance, Cisco Video Surveillance manager, and allows many different visual sources and allows each organization to securely share the sources it wants to share with authorized users.

Reality Mobile - Mobile Collaboration

Reality Mobile – Mobile Collaboration

Reality Mobile - Mobile Collaboration

Reality Mobile – Mobile Collaboration

RealityVision’s Reality Mobile application delivers a complete, end to end mobile collaboration solution that extends and leverages existing network investments together with Cisco’s IOT applications for safety and security – Cisco Video Surveillance and embedded Push-to-Talk capabilities with Cisco’s IP Interoperability and Collaboration System –  providing real-time mobile collaboration – visual, location-based collaboration,(blue force and vehicle tracking) and a robust set of features that connects everyone in the organization.


Business Intelligence:


Business Intelligence is about using video analytics and related data/sensor/machine data analytics to turn pervasive video and data into information to drive better business decisions. In Public Safety analytics have been used to do everything from license plate recognition to crowd detection to traffic monitoring.  But IOT applications for business intelligence is applying video analytics (cloud applications and virtualized private cloud applications) and other forms of analytics to every vertical industry – retail, banking and finance, transportation, enterprise operations, utilities/oil & gas, manufacturing and more. For example, you can use heat-mapping on the retail or manufacturing floors to improve physical layouts in order to optimize staffing levels.

At Cisco Live we are demonstrating IOT applications for business intelligence with cloud applications from Prism Skylabs connected to the virtualized Cisco Video Surveillance Manager running on Cisco’s Award Winning Unified Data Center and Enterprise Networking solutions.

Heat Map Video Image of Product Lift

Heat Map Video Image of Product Lift

Prism Skylabs now runs on Cisco’s Video Surveillance Manager, adding robust visual merchandising, auditing, and business intelligence features to any cameras connected to the Cisco network.

Prism Skylabs condenses customer interaction and movement into stunning, privacy-protected imagery and reports that provide instant understanding of any moment or period of time. Through Prism Skylabs, businesses can measure offline conversion, understand long-term trends, and gain new visual insights about their business.


The unique cloud service provides:

Analytics Report of Conversion

Analytics Report of Conversion

Real-time access to enhanced and privacy-protected images that can be viewed on a phone, laptop, or tablet

  • Powerful analytics, from foothpaths to counting to product lift
  • Infinite cloud storage of data and images











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