Cisco Prime Collaboration Manager 1.1 – A visualization and troubleshooting video collaboration management system

Traditionally, management software has had to approach the network as a collection of individual devices. This individual device view leads to management software that presents reports and data along device or interface lines. The applications network traversal experience is lost. While the management software could technically perform the correlation, only very few do due to the complexity required. The medianet mediatrace feature allows the operator and the management software to communicate with a set of network nodes represented by a flow. The data is consolidated and organized into a single report by the network and presented to the requestor. This allows the management system to query a set of nodes that it has not discovered, is managing or have direct contact with. Due to the built in correlation of the report mediatrace makes it trivial for the management system to do path analysis and flow analysis.

End-to-End Troubleshooting

Cisco Prime Collaboration Manager is the industry’s first product to take advantage of this powerful mediatrace diagnostics capability to provide end-to-end visibility, perform path analysis (Figure 1) and quick isolation of video issues, including specifics about session and network-related issues. Its ability to provide detailed visibility and critical performance statistics facilitates faster isolation and resolution of video problems. (Figure 2).

Figure 1: CPCM Media Path Discovery

Figure 2: CPCM Mediatrace Report Visualization

Proactive Monitoring

Cisco Prime Collaboration Manager is a comprehensive video service assurance and management system with a set of powerful monitoring, troubleshooting, inventory and reporting capabilities that help ensure end users receive a consistent, high-quality video collaboration experience. In addition, Cisco Prime Collaboration Manager  uses Medianet IP SLA Video Operations for proactive monitoring and  pre-deployment assessment. It provides an intuitive web-based user experience to assess the network readiness before deploying collaboration/video services to increase the confidence of network and video operators.

Detailed Flow Analysis via Performance Monitor

Cisco Prime Collaboration Manager 1.1 adds support for Medianet Performance Monitor. This gives deeper, flow-related information along the media path and it provides snapshots views of all traffic to help operators further pinpoint critical problems (Figure 3).

Figure 3: CPCM Performance Monitor Visualization

Cisco Prime Collaboration Manager is a great new tool to make it easy for operators to maintain a superior video session experience for all end users.

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