Cisco Medianet 2.4 Deployment Guide Now Available

January 8, 2013 - 0 Comments

The medianet team has recently developed the Cisco Medianet 2.4 Deployment Guide to help you understand how the Cisco Medianet 2.4 feature set can be deployed to solve two common customer-defined use cases associated with rich-media deployments:

  • Getting Visibility
  • Ensuring Quality of Service (QoS)

Flow Metadata, Media Services Proxy (MSP), Network Based Application Recognition 2 (NBAR2), and the Medianet Services Interface (MSI)­­ are the Cisco Medianet 2.4 features focused on in this guide.

Want to know how Cisco Medianet capabilities can help you better understand in practice how the network is being used and by what applications? Wondering how Cisco Medianet technologies can be deployed to ensure that your QoS policies are applied correctly end-to-end?  Complete with reference topologies, detailed step-by-step configuration and verification guidelines, the Cisco Medianet 2.4 Deployment Guide will answer those questions and should prove to be a useful resource for network engineers preparing to deploy these capabilities.

Previous deployment guides are archived on the Medianet Knowledge Base Portal (under the “Design” tab). These deployment guides cover how other Cisco Medianet capabilities (such as Performance Monitor, Mediatrace, IPSLA VO, and Autoconfiguration) can be used in practice to solve other common use cases associated with rich-media deployments. If you are interested in learning more about these Cisco Medianet capabilities or need a refresher, take a look.

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