Wharton school picI am proud to be part of a company that is making innovations in education on a daily basis. You may have already heard how universities around the world are using Cisco to transform the classroom, and today’s news is further evidence of this.

The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania is working with Cisco to provide collaboration solutions that will bridge faculty and students in Philadelphia and San Francisco to deliver the classroom of the future. As one of the country’s most esteemed colleges, the Wharton School is using Cisco’s collaboration technologies, including Cisco TelePresence, to bridge the classrooms across the United States. In the future, they hope to extend these benefits to Wharton’s classrooms around the globe, including Asia, Europe and South America.

Most of Wharton’s star-studded professors are based in Pennsylvania and frequently travel to the San Francisco satellite campus that caters to Silicon Valley executives aiming for an MBA.  Cisco’s collaboration technology is allowing Wharton to extend the reach of its teachers while giving professors hours, if not days back into their schedule.

For instance, Professor Karl Ulrich was traveling cross-country to teach a San Francisco-based MBA class every other weekend, but now thanks to Cisco, he will be conducting the class remotely. And since the San Francisco classroom has a movie size screen, students will receive a “life-like” teaching experience with extreme high-resolution video.  Cisco Jabber also helps extend the boundaries of the classroom to students wherever they choose to learn and collaborate. Thanks to the flexibility our technology provides, students can join ‘live’ TelePresence classes from virtually any device.

The deployment consists of a variety of Cisco Collaboration technology but the Cisco TelePresence Codec C90 is at the heart of the Connected Classroom.  Key to pervasive video and interoperability is the fact that the C90 is standards-based, and any other standards-based telepresence unit can connect to these rooms also.

Wharton has also created an on-demand learning experience for its students who miss the ‘live’ class.  Cisco’s Capture, Transform, Share technology allows students to view the video content that is most relevant to them by searching for identified keywords and speakers, making it easy for students to engage when and how it matters to them.  In fact, even if they attended the ‘live’ class, many go back to the video on demand to get information they missed.

The Cisco Connected Classroom is part of the efforts of the Wharton School to ensure ongoing innovation across every major discipline of business education. I’m looking forward to hearing more as it evolves globally.  In the meantime, do you think this is a cool as I do? Share your thoughts.