Choosing the right collaboration device is like choosing the right car

March 16, 2012 - 0 Comments

Many things need to be taken into consideration when choosing a collaboration endpoint technology:  what’s the experience you want to create, how you plan to use it, what environment must it accommodate? The analogy I like to use is “it’s like shopping for a car.” There are many considerations to be made when buying a car:  It must meet your lifestyle, your transportation needs, the number of passengers and type of cargo you intend to carry.

A single person is more likely to choose a different type of car than people with families. Active people may choose an SUV to carry  all their sporting equipment, or for the adventures they take on rugged terrain. This thought process also comes into play when choosing a collaboration solution. The ultimate goal is to have the right communications tool for the right task.

Cisco TelePresence has taken this decision making process into account and created endpoints ideally suited for each use case:  From Jabber Video for the mobile warrior, to personal TelePresence units  for the knowledge worker or executive offices, multipurpose systems for team collaboration, to fully immersive three-screen systems for strategic and high-intensity collaboration meetings — Cisco has thought of every possible scenario.  Whether you are on a 1:1 call with a colleague or in a strategic meeting with your most important customers, you want to create an in-person experience.  To create an in-person we create an environment where technology fades into the background and allows you to interact as if meeting participants were all in the same room.

Throughout the course of the day, the average worker might go through each of these use cases. They may have an early morning telepresence call through their PC or tablet taken from home, join another call from their office latter, and then host a team meeting from a multipurpose or immersive telepresence system. What has remained consistent is the user experience.

Just as in the car analogy, whether you choose an SUV, a convertible, or mini-van, the way you operate the vehicle is the same. Similarly, Cisco TelePresence delivers a consistent user experience, you start a call and share content the same way across the entire portfolio – from the software client to our three-screen immersive system.

At Cisco we put people at the center of our collaboration solutions; we humanize every interaction to make it easier for our users.

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