Celebrating Five Years of TelePresence

November 11, 2011 - 1 Comment

As we celebrate the five-year anniversary of Cisco TelePresence, I think back on some of the most notable milestones and how we’ve helped transform the way businesses communicate and collaborate. We’ve changed the way people work and the way people learn; we’ve learned to do more with less and work across the globe. With telepresence, we’ve replaced countless hours of travel and given time back to companies and employees, while at the same time bringing people closer together despite great geographic distances between them.

I recently had surprise call from my five-year-old daughter via telepresence. She wanted to tell me about her day, so she sat down at our home telepresence end point, pushed where she saw my name, and with one touch she was talking to me in high definition. The same age as Cisco’s TelePresence technology, my daughter was able to call me from home, while I was at work. I am confident that in the years to come telepresence technology will proliferate to the point that all children will expect to see their parents live when they call them on video, just as my daughter already does.

This is not such an unlikely scenario, considering the profound changes to the workplace and personal communication that telepresence has brought us in five short years. Since its inception, telepresence has enabled more than 100 million virtual in-person meetings. It has saved some customers up to two months in time otherwise lost to travel, and it has helped users realize financial savings as well. Even more, it has transformed the way business is done across many industries, from healthcare to manufacturing, to oil and gas. Instead of the old solution of bringing the experts to the problem, businesses are now able to bring the problem to the expert.

To celebrate the five-year anniversary, I recently chatted with Kim Nguyen about this topic. Watch the video below for our full conversation.

We want to thank you for your continued interest in telepresence, and for letting us into your offices and homes to help bring you closer to the people with whom you work and live. We look forward to the next five years of telepresence, and beyond, as we enable the technology to reach more and more people.

Has telepresence changed your life for the better? Please share your story with us!

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  1. As we approached the 5th year of this marvelous innovation, we were remembering the first multiplatform integration achieved by Unitronics. At that time, an economic news reported by prestigious journals (read: http://www.cincodias.com/articulo/empresas/unitronics-une-3g-telepresencia-videoconferencia/20080509cdscdiemp_20/ ). At that time (early 2008) Unitronics managed to integrate the new Cisco Telepresence technology with Videoconferencing and with videotelephony, (with 3g european movile standard).
    It seems incredible it was just a few years ago. Now Cisco has the whole spectrum of Telepresence integrations.
    Congratulations and thanks to Cisco
    Manuel No Sanchez