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Building the Mobile Office with PC Video Conferencing

February 26, 2010 - 2 Comments

PC video conferencing is all about mobility and connecting people anywhere, anytime.  When interoperable with a standards compliant video solution, PC video becomes an even more powerful solution as it extends the benefits of face-to-face collaboration beyond the walls of the office.

I hear quite a bit about how PC video helps preserve business continuity and generally makes life easier and better for its users.  There are just too many examples to write about all of them, but here are a few compelling real world examples that demonstrate the power and utility of PC Video:

Just this week Yong was traveling internationally.  An unscheduled and urgent meeting was called for 3PM EST, which unfortunately for Yong meant 9PM CET.  Instead of having to take a taxi back to the office, he simply used PC video to call in from his hotel room…he even presented a PowerPoint presentation

Henrik runs a product meeting over video every week at 3:30PM. Problem is, one week he had to be home for an appointment at 4:00PM.  The solution?  Henrik started driving home and at 3:30 he pulled over and led the meeting from his car with his PC and a wireless internet connection (and yes he parked the car for the video call…).

During Jeannie’s recent business trip to Chicago, a huge snowstorm shut down several airports and she was stuck in Chicago for an additional 3 days.  Because she has PC video, she continued about her job with face-to-face meetings and other calls.  Most importantly though, Jeannie was able to call home and see her family, letting her 4-year-old son know she would be home soon.

Michael needed to connect with a customer during his flight from Houston to Dallas…no worries; with an internet connection in the air he was able make a video call and provide the consultation needed.  Making the experience even better, Michael’s call was to a telepresence unit at the customer site.

And in our most unique application…

Scott – seen in the below video – is training for a triathlon and cycles to work a few times a week.  In order to maximize his time, Scott has rigged a special platform to his bike so he can make his calls on the way in….talk about an efficient use of time! (please don’t try this at home folks…)

Have an example that tops these?  Let us know!

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  1. Cool!

    What is wireless platform for the laptop, 3G?