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5 Ways Manufacturing Companies are using Video Conferencing

April 10, 2010 - 0 Comments

Automated_Manufacturing_Line_300x300Companies of all kinds are exploring the many ways video conferencing and telepresence can help minimize expenses and maximize productivity. A recent post discussed a few of the ways that financial institutions are using video to their advantage, but they aren’t the only ones. Manufacturing companies have found a few ways of their own to benefit from the use of video. Here are five ways that manufacturing companies are using video to their advantage:

  1. Enforcing quality assurance cost and procedures: Communication processes are standardized with the use of video conferencing and ensure foreign partners are following U.S. standards. Video conferencing allows for instantaneous inspections of partner’s productions to ensure they are in line with set standards.
  2. Finding and screening new offshore partners: Business development teams are able to conduct interviews with potential partners in India and other offshore locations. Through IP-based equipment, staff can see the people and their facilities to get a truer sense of the business environment and narrow the pool to a handful of companies worth visiting.
  3. Improving customer relationships: Customer satisfaction is key to any successful business. New customer relationships require close interaction and daily video conferences are able to keep new projects on track and increase customer satisfaction.
  4. Reducing hiring costs: Manufacturing companies are reducing hiring costs by using video conferencing to pre-interview candidates. This process also lets the manufacturer demonstrate its flexibility and state-of-the-art workplace, both of which are appealing to potential new hires.
  5. Keeping project teams in sync: It’s crucial for project managers and call center managers to synchronize the status and requirements of each project on a daily basis. Video conferencing creates a face-to-face atmosphere that results in teams working more closely towards the ultimate goal. This results in more clearly communicated objectives and quicker project completion.

Any other ideas for how manufacturing companies can benefit from video conferencing?

The above post is a condensed version of 10 Ways Major Manufacturers are Using Video Conferencing to Increase Business Volume and Decrease Costs., follow the link to read the full article.

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