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5 Ways Financial Service Companies are Using Video Conferencing

March 29, 2010 - 0 Comments

deq-logo-financial_assistance_10384_7Financial institutions are just like any other business, in order to grow they must be able to service their clients better than the competition. In order to achieve this goal many financial institutions are turning to video conferencing and telepresence for seamless, real-time, personal interactions. Employees can talk with clients and co-workers face-to-face while in different locations. Here are five areas financial institutions are reaping the benefits of video:

  1. Expanding specialty services – Video conferencing allows the extension of services preformed by  specialty personnel without the additional costs of staffing them at every branch. This allows clients the ability to meet and work with the specialists face-to-face in a confidential setting.
  2. Ensuring professional certification – Video conferencing provides a simple way to help employees gain and maintain their professional certification by helping staff attend classes held in remote locations.
  3. Improving call center profitability – Using video conferencing allows companies to capitalize on the profits gained by having call centers in remote locations because they are able to provide around-the-clock assistance with out the costs of travel.
  4. Reduce unproductive travel time – Video conferencing eliminated the need for trainers to travel to different branches every time a teller left and a new one needed to be trained.
  5. Improving team communication and collaboration – When members of product management teams are spread across several different locations, video conferencing helps solidify team dynamics by allowing constant face-to-face collaboration.

By using video conferencing and telepresence in these five simple ways, financial institutions are able to increase profits and savings while reducing travel.

Any other ideas as to how financial institutions can benefit from video conferencing?

The above post is a condensed version of 10 Ways Financial Services Companies are Using Video Conferencing to Reduce Staff, Extend Specialty Services, and Increase Profitability, follow the link to read the full article.

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