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5 Tips For Showcasing Your Video Conferencing Program

March 4, 2010 - 0 Comments

Once people try video conferencing and see how easy and versatile it is, they’re hooked. The secret lies in getting them to try it that first time.  You need to make a big splash, then give employees plenty of opportunities to try out your “product.” We’ve put together some sample launch activities and events that have been successful for others. Your corporate communications or marketing department may also have excellent ideas for launching and promoting your video program.

  1. Host a Video Open House -A Video Open House is an effective way to introduce video to your organization. Run your Video Open House throughout the day with 30-minute training sessions that allow departments and employees to drop in when they have time. Identify Super Users within your organization who can demonstrate the basics of placing a call, connecting a PC and adding multiple calls — as well as answer questions about your video systems.
  2. Sponsor a Special Event via Video Seeing is believing! Build excitement around your video program by featuring an external speaker via video conferencing or using video to connect to an external event. Arrange for a video tour of a remote facility or even invite employees and their families on a video field trip. Seeing the interaction that video makes possible in a fun and interesting context
    is an excellent way to get employees excited to register for training.
  3. Set Up a Do-it-Yourself (DIY) Unit The more people can touch and feel new technology, the more comfortable they become with it. Place a small desktop video unit with information about your video program in the lobby, cafeteria or other high-traffic communal areas. This will raise awareness and make it easy for employees to explore the value video conferencing provides.
  4. Virtual Water Cooler Relationships get forged in casual settings. Set up a video unit in your cafeteria or other public area and dial into another company location. When employees walk past this virtual water cooler they can see who’s passing by on the other end and say “hello.”
  5. Make Training Invitations Personal Have your Executive Sponsor invite employees to training sessions to ensure high attendance.

Watch the video below to see how Vodafone found success by extending video to all functions and levels of its organization. To learn more about Vodafone’s adoption of  video conferencing read the case study by Frost & Sullivan.

This is just a summary of the Showcasing Your Video Program that can be downloaded from Visit the site for more information and tips. Got any others to add?

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