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Telepresence and Teaching Go Hand in Hand

June 30, 2010 - 1 Comment

The use of video conferencing and telepresence in the classroom is not a novelty. We have seen video technology used for virtual field trips, presenting guest speakers and allowing for remote classrooms. What is new is the use of video to offer interpreting services to students for both the use of teaching another language as well as closing the communication gap between students who speak a different language.

A previous post highlighted how the company Interpreterline is using video technology to save time and money all while maximizing the full potential of each employee by shipping video kits to their clients instead of flying individual interpreters all over the world. Now Interpreterline and RMTI University in Melbourne, Victoria have teamed up to offer interpreter training and services in the university’s computer labs and lecture theaters.  RMIT chose to use a H D video solution because particular care has to be taken when teaching interpreting in Auslan (Australian Sign Language). The need for high-definition visuals in this situation left the use of web-based solutions inadequate.

Sedat Mulayim, Discipline Head, Translating and Interpreting Program, RMIT University says, “Video interpreting will be increasingly adopted by service providers. In the not-so-distant future, I believe that more than half of all interpreting assignments will be by video.” Mulayim credits video’s versatility as the reason it is able to be used at the classroom level. “The technology is so easy to access now. It’s not so expensive and it’s portable, I can take it from room to room without a problem and bring the industry into the classroom.”

This is one more example of how video collaboration is enriching the educational possibilities of today’s students. With every growing mobility of video the constraints of the traditional four walled classroom are disappearing.

Do you know of any other unique uses of video in the classroom?

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  1. I love reading articles about innovative ways that VC is used. Thanks for posting these stories.