Women Rock-IT

The ethics of storytelling: Real reality

This blog comes to us from María Laura Ruggiero, Narrative Designer and Founder of SeirenFilms, a storytelling lab based in Argentina. StoryHackers, the educational branch of SeirenFilms, offers workshops, mentorships, and informal education in transmedia storytelling, experiential design, and digital art.

Reinventing breastfeeding support through AI

This blog post comes from Maria Berruezo, co-founder and COO of LactApp Women’s health, a tool to provide evidence based and customized advice to breastfeeding women through Artificial Intelligence.

Using AI for good: Identifying and locating survivors of human trafficking

This blog post comes from Emily Kennedy, a U.S.-based entrepreneur. She co-founded Marinus Analytics, an AI-based startup that identifies victims of sex trafficking based on online movements.

Sidestepping the status quo: My entrepreneurial journey

This blog post comes from Sarah Mak, an Australian-based technology entrepreneur and storyteller. She's the co-founder and CEO at Folktale, a SaaS platform for organizations to listen-at-scale through crowd-sourced videos.

One entrepreneur’s search for a BrightSign leads to a life-changing invention

This blog post comes from Hadeel Ayoub, a London-based designer, programmer, and researcher in human computer interactions. Hadeel is the Founder and CEO of BrightSign and the inventor of a smart glove that assists people with hearing impairments to sign and translate with others.

Technology: The pathway to financial inclusion

Grace Wong, the Founder of Liven, Australia's biggest loyalty-based payment network and the first platform to “gamify” payments in the offline world, shares how she uses technology to change the world.

Solving the mental healthcare access problem with Modern Health

This year, we’ve faced simultaneous crises impacting our daily lives—COVID-19 pandemic, unemployment, racial injustices, natural disasters, and divisive politics. All of which have taken their toll on the mental health of many. But mental healthcare is still surprisingly hard to access.

Pushing boundaries: AI and solar mobile chillers keep it fresh and cool

Savanna Circuit Tech pinpointed an area of inequality and lost profit, and created a solution that allows field agents and women dairy producers to easily collect payments for delivered milk and access the credit facility, based on our AI-enabled credit scoring feature.

How our food choices can help reverse climate change

In 2020, we have encountered a perfect storm of rare societal and environmental factors, which, if leveraged wisely, can propel us into a carbon-neutral or even carbon-negative future. And now is the time for us as consumers to choose our future.