trustworthy systems

April 3, 2013


Security Geeks and Wonks Unite!

Are we heading to a day of reckoning, where the forces of cyber crime overwhelm and erase the good things that information technology delivers? If we head down our current path of incremental, individualized approaches to cyber security, the answer is “Yes.” But I’m enough of an optimist to think that if the IT and security geeks and wonks of the world can unite, share information, work hard, and not worry about who gets the credit, we stand a fighting chance.

March 1, 2013


Transparency, Transparency, Transparency, and Trustworthy Systems

Cisco's Senior Vice President and Chief Security Officer, John Stewart discusses - in both words and video - the importance of Trustworthy Systems for Cisco's customers and the efforts being put forth by Cisco to insure that we listen to our customers and provide products that possess robustness and integrity.