November 21, 2023


Join CX for Cisco Live Demos

3 min read

With a dozen CX demos throughout Cisco Live Melbourne, let’s get you ready to explore and start accelerating your business outcomes.

December 5, 2022


Celebrating our 2022 APJC Cisco Customer Experience Heroes

4 min read

At Cisco CX, we are proud to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of our customers in the APJC region by highlighting five who have been selected to receive a 2022 APJC Cisco CX Customer Hero Award. These awards celebrate their stories of innovation and inspire others with their incredible successes.

November 21, 2022


Embrace Your Possible at Cisco Live Melbourne

2 min read

Take a look at what is coming up for Cisco Customer Experience (CX) at Cisco Live Melbourne 2022. Find out how we are bringing the best of human and digital intelligence together to accelerate your business outcomes.