Cisco Live

July 8, 2016


Partner Rewind and Fast Forward

Janet Jackson asked, “what have you done for me lately”? While that song fills your head, we’re talking about what we’ve done for you lately in this week’s rewind and fast forward: Chuck’s firing on all cylinders. What it means for you. We’re hitting the road to Vegas for Cisco Live. 5 ways video can […]

Your time is Now – Lead. Inspire. Empower.

There has never been a better time for inclusion at Cisco. Starting this Sunday at Cisco Live Las Vegas, the Cisco Empowered Women’s Network (CEWN) — an employee run network participating for a fourth year — will host a series of events in support of women in technology. These events include a now sold-out main […]

July 7, 2016


Elvis, HyperFlex, and Cisco Live 2016

Cisco Live 2016 is finally here! Planning for Cisco Live this year reminds me of the many similarities between “The King” and HyperFlex. What does Cisco’s

July 7, 2016


Security Sneak Peek at Cisco Live US 2016

If you’re interested in cybersecurity (and really, who isn’t these days?), you have a lot to look forward to at Cisco Live US. Digital Business Transformation will be in the spotlight this year and our world-class experts will be sharing how security acts as a fundamental enabler of that transformation. We’re offering more than 200 […]

July 7, 2016


Containers and Microservices Will Change the Future of Enterprise IT

Learn how enterprises worldwide are adopting containers and microservices to transform business services and what your IT organizations needs to do to prepare for this change. Future of IT panel...

July 7, 2016


We’re Listening Blog Series: The Cisco Experience Lab at Cisco Live!

In previous We’re Listening Blog posts, we’ve talked about the various ways we listen to our customers and partners. Rich sources of feedback (including surveys, but also focus groups, advisory boards and events) help give us a comprehensive picture of where our customers would like to see improvement in their end-to-end experience with Cisco. Our […]

Creating Social Impact at Cisco Live US 2016

Cisco Corporate Social Responsibility’s goal is to launch the next generation of global problem solvers; to give people the skills to thrive in a connected world and speed the pace of social change. Every day, we make a difference, from helping social innovators multiply their impact to investing in human potential around the world. And at […]

RAN Virtualization: On the Road to 5G

This week we saw an important milestone in the digital transformation of the Radio Access Network (RAN) with the publication of the Small Cell Forum’s nFAPI specification. Cisco has been instrumental in driving the small cell industry by championing the virtualization work stream within the Small Cell Forum that resulted in the nFAPI specification. nFAPI […]