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Where’s the remote?

November 19, 2007 - 0 Comments

Rhonda RaiderThis is just one of the questions that can be answered with the application idea that Rhonda from California submitted to the Connected Life contest (and which won her a runner-up award). Remote Frequency Identification (RFID) tags would be put on your most frequently lost items, whether it be your keys, eyeglasses, or wallet, so that when you lose them, you’d be able to find their location by using an application on their home computer (or any networking device for that matter). The application would show a map of the home and identify the hidden item. More details of Rhonda’s idea, a video describing it, how she’s going to spend the money and why it’s a good idea for pet tortoises can be found here.Speaking from experience of living with a two-year old who as a tendency to put the remote in the laundry bin- or the freezer-. Or in her doll’s stroller- which all-too-often creates a frantic game of hide-and-seek throughout the house just to see The Office, I’d be willing to pay a pretty penny for this capability. And fortunately, with RFID prices falling and home networks becoming commonplace, this idea has a very legitimate chance of coming to our Connected Life in the future.

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