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User Flexibility with Mobile Cloud

March 1, 2012 - 0 Comments

In the opening of John Chamber’s keynote at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, he stated that “Cloud and Mobile will change the service provider industry” and that there will be 7.2 billion mobile devices by the year 2015. You’ll agree that with the explosion of end-devices out there combined with the need to access anything, anytime, anywhere, a mobility strategy can cut across the entire portfolio for a service provider.

Increasingly I’m having conversations with mobile operators on how Cisco can help with:

  • User presence and customized delivery,
  • Monetization and migration of existing offerings to cloud,
  • Bundling of multiple services,
  • Handling a variety of endpoints, and
  • Ensuring pervasive security.

Servers that can handle the input/output tied to an adequate storage array are expected tenants of cloud services. But an intelligent network that crosses the chasm between the core of the data center to the user is truly essential to a quality mobile experience.

I would also like to share a view from Sandeep Agrawal, Marketing Manager on my Cloud Solutions team. While enjoying his conversations with customers at the show, Sandeep found time to send us this video as a quick overview of what he was highlighting around Cisco enabling the Mobile Cloud space with CloudVerse.

We can agree that Mobile Cloud is a complex subject and could be the next large conversation. So the food for thought is whether the majority of the progress in the space is going to be driven from the mobile consumers, the providers, or from standards. How do you see the Mobile Cloud space moving in the next three years?

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