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Top 20 Reasons”¦You know you’re an Internet Addict

May 2, 2008 - 0 Comments

addict.jpgIn advance of our recent Cisco ASR launch in which we embraced a whole range of Web 2.0 vehicles, we thought that creating a Facebook group to bring about a community of like-minded folks around technology was only appropriate. Our hope was that the group would gain traction not so much to market to but rather to learn from and frankly just as a forum where we can have some fun, too. Fortunately, things turned out just that way -while the Cisco ASR launch happened two months ago, the Facebook group that we call”Support Group for Uber User Internet Addicts” is still going strong with over 700 members, and it’s starting to create a life of its own. Of the recent activities we’ve had on the group (another one kicks off on Monday), this particular survey really generated a lot of participation. We asked the group,”You know you are an internet addict when-” and true to form, they collaborated in Human Network fashion came through with quite an entertaining list, below, proving that Web 2.0 not is a great platform for collaboration, but also that those uber-users are quite fun, too. Enjoy! Live long and network,DougBTW, if you’re reading this blog, you’re an Internet Addict too, so you might as well fess up to it an join too– !Top 20 Reasons you know you’re an Internet Addict when- (drum roll please):1. You joined a Facebook “Support Group for Uber User Internet Addicts“2. You’re surprised when people ask why your business card lists your email address as the same as your Facebook, LinkedIn, MSN IM, Plaxo Pulse, Gizmo Project and Yahoo IM IDs and even more upset if your boss will not let you list that fact on your business card. (submitted by Suzanne Bowen) 3. You install a webcam in your fridge so you can see what food you have to buy on your way home from work 😉 (submitted by Jesper Kellerstam) 4. You’re seriously considering a laptop to accompany the magazines by the commode. (submitted by Jody Carbone) 5. People call you by your screen name more then you real name.6. You extend your wireless coverage all the way to the community pool… well, just because you can do stuff like that and someone might want Internet access when they’re sitting at the pool. (submitted by Joel Barrett) 7. Your best pick up line is- I Stumbled Upon your Twitter, Reddit and found it You have more networking gear in your home lab than the one at the office (submitted by Nathan Gregory) 9. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is your best excuse for ending a conversation.10. You actually blog your review of an ongoing movie halfway through in a movie hall during the interval on your GPRS enabled cell phone. (I actually did it 😀 ) (submitted by Sreeraj S Arasa) 11. The last social function you attended was a LAN Party (Reason #12 is omitted by author)  13. Your online gaming rig came with an integrated espresso maker. 14. If you launch a blog for your baby before he or she is born, track its search engine ranking on a daily basis, and actually consider the possibility of ad revenues. (submitted by Jeff Brainard) 15. You can’t believe that”l8r, OMG, TTYL, and BFF” are not in Webster’s Dictionary.16. You talk to your kids and collect family information through Facebook. (submitted by Debbie Zioni) 17. You haven’t watched TV on a TV since Al Gore invented the Internet.18. You have pets named, “Avatar, “Linden,” and “Digg.” (submitted by Gabriel Garcia) 19. You can’t laugh anymore, you only LOL! 20. Your Facebook page gets more traffic than a drive though window.Come on now- if you read the whole list, you really, really need to join-..

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