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Time Travel for an Industry

January 11, 2010 - 1 Comment

Flashback: It’s 20 years ago. If you have video and voice plans, you likely subscribe to different service providers. If you have a cell phone (you big shot, you), it weighs 5 or more pounds and you subscribe to an even different provider (not to mention building muscle toting around the briefcase sized device). For some of us, home security features are becoming increasingly available (though were much too expensive for me to consider). The networks are silo’d, with each supporting a different service, the fates of each respective provider tied solely to that service’s well being.

This is how the game myPlanNet begins, and it’s your task as a service provider CEO to evolve your company’s network from one that’s oriented around point solutions to a platform that changes the way we live, learn, work and play.

Fast forward 20 years to today. If you still have a cell phone that weighs 5 pounds, you’re at a Saved by the Bell museum. If you don’t have Internet access for 5 minutes, you develop a case of the shakes (“hyperconnectivitis” my doctor calls it…). In this world (and if you’ve mastered the myPlanNet game), your service provider’s network has become an IP Next Generation Network – a single platform that enables all of us, at work, at home, or on the move, to have the “anys” – any device, any content, anytime, anywhere – enabling us to connect and share our lives like never before.

Fast forward to the Future.; Here, Cisco is not only helping service providers further build this network platform but also working and transform their businesses by offering differentiated solutions at each step of the value chain. It’s about innovating, not just technology, but of network benefits, whether it be new consumer experiences or benefits to help businesses work better.

Some of the Cisco announcements at CES last week gave us a peek as to what to come (sooner than many believed). In particular, I’d like to call out Home telepresence, which was introduced as a new category of communication at home. Verizon and France Telecom leading the way to trial it initially for their customers later this year, showcasing the benefits and differentiation of their networks to a competitive marketplace. While such an immersive experience right from your living room couch may have seemed like science fiction fairly recently, it is fast becoming a reality.

Which leads me to think – given the speed of networking, when will this cutting edge technology be in the same class as a 5 pound cell phone…and what do you think will be its successor as the next great network experience of the future? At the rate this industry – and I’m proud to say, Cisco – is going, the sci-fi ideas of network based experiences that you can think of now, will eventually be – and likely sooner than you think – a reality for our Connected Lives of the future.

Hang on because, this innovation in this industry will continue to impress. And as I complete our planning for 2010, I’m proud to say that this year is going to be one of the most aggressive years in Cisco’s history as it pertains to service provider innovations to help make such experiences possible.

All the best to you and yours in this New Year, and as always, thanks for joining us at SP360.

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