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The Crazy Eights of EDGE QUEST

edge_quest_logo.gifHi. A few days ago I was recording a podcast for Cisco EDGE QUEST Game Tournament with uber-gamer/podcaster extraordinaire, Randy JordanThe Instance who runs a World of Warcraft podcast. After the session, we continued our conversation on communities developing around massively multiplayer online games (or MMOGs for short- which I believe is also the name of an alien robotic race on Star Trek) and how actual and virtual world lines are blurring. I was explaining that as a marketeer in the Web 2.0 world, we didn’t want to make our customer communications”too virtual” and that through this game and $10K winner-take-all tournament, that we really wanted know what the players are thinking. He said,”Ah, so it’s time for an EDGE QUEST Eight.” I replied in some educated way, saying”wha?” Randy responded (fortunately not referring to me as”Grasshopper”) that we should ping a select group with 8 questions and then have them distribute it to others, and so forth, effectively letting the Human Network itself disseminate it and compile feedback.With all of the other Web 2.0 vehicles it sounded reasonable enough, so as we say in Texas, let’s giddyup. Here is the first version of the EDGE QUEST Eight. The following eight questions are designed for 1 sentence answers – so jump in and tell us what you think. You can respond in our comments field or in your own blog. Fear not folks, this is for fun-Here we go.

  1. How many hours do you game each week (sandbag accordingly if your boss will read this) and what’s your favorite one?
  2. What do you consider your biggest accomplishment in your gaming life? (Come on, I know you have one-! Mine was mastering the expert slope on the Intellivision ski game- If only my actual skiing were a tenth as good-)
  3. How key is the speed and quality of your broadband connection when you play games, and how much (if any) would you be willing to pay your provider for a faster, better connection?
  4. I am sure you’ve seen lots of game contests where you play to win skins or stickers or a virtual t-shirt- but have you ever participated in an online gaming tournament where the winner won money, and how much of a draw was this prize to encourage you to participate?
  5. What will you do with $10,000 if you win the tournament?
  6. Also if you win, what would you do with the Cisco ASR 1002?
  7. We have a lively debate going in the office along the lines of”fantasy edgequest” (you can tell we tend to live this stuff-.): One camp says the eventual winner will be a technical networking type (and game enthusiast) who loves Cisco, the other says that pro gamers will come in dominate the leader board. What say you -which camp will dominate?
  8. Our intent with this game is to find new ways to engage with our customers and to have fun in the process (not to create a separate gaming line of business for the Company-!) Is it effective, do you know more about the Cisco ASR 1000 as a result of playing, and should we continue to engage you with such games in the future?

Again anyone can answer these questions either in the comments below or in your own blog but to start, I’d like to hear what these eight bloggers (staying with the theme) have to say:

  1. Veronica Belmont
  2. Brian”Scrabble” Boyko
  3. David Deans
  4. Mathew Georghiou
  5. Scott Johnson
  6. David ‘Fargo’ Kosack
  7. Mary Beth Schoening
  8. Paul Young

As always, thanks for reading-Live long and network!

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  1. Hey. this sounds like a great thanksgiving game. I’ll make it a point to try it out the next time my family is in town. Thanks for the great advice.

  2. I also submitted a score of around 138,000+ last week but my name doesn't show up on the leaderboard either. Perhaps they didn't update it or there is a glitch in their system. I hope the system took it! We will probably find out in 13 hours. Good luck Jeff! :)

  3. I submitted a score of 144,000+ last night and do not see my name on the leaderboad. why?

  4. I am also wondering of the validity of a 600,000 score? but that's beside the point. The problem with the flash player that some of ya'll faced on Submitting your score is a crappy little key combination of the spacebar and the s key. If you accidently hit these keys at the same time, you're score will submit. so be careful when typing that high score in. (I took me many times to figure that out) Also, I'm pretty sure that most people that are having the problem with the auto submit, when entering there info, there is a space and a s next to each other. Great fun game. Good job Cisco!

  5. Sorry again for the third comment! I mean 600,000 not 60,000. I am not doing this purposely. Sorry Doug.

  6. I'm sorry, in my above post I accidentally entered 20,000. I meant to enter in 60,000. Is such a score really attainable?!!

  7. Hey Doug,I am using the latest version of flash/shockwave. I doubt that's the problem. I haven't had this happen again though, so I think this problem is gone. Thanks a lot for looking in to this!I also noticed that there are very high scores in the leaderboard. Such as a certain person having a score of over 20,000. Is such a score really attainable? I'd like to hear that from Ken in the next podcast. I've seen all the hidden multipliers, timers, etc. and done everything, and doubt it's possible to get such a high score!

  8. Just to follow up, we are working with our developers and our IT department on this but have not been able to replicate the problem. One possible cause for the error is suspected to be if an older, less capable version of flash is being used. We'll follow up directly to learn more details on this case and, if the upgrade solves the problem, will let the larger edge quest community know. Thanks again for raising this to our attention,Doug

  9. Thank you Doug!

  10. Thanks for the heads up. We'll work back with our engineers and IT team to see if we can replicate the problem, and if so, we'll work to correct it as fast as possible. Appreciate this helpful feedback and good luck in the tournament!Doug

  11. I encountered the same problem again! I made a good score and when I was about to submit it, the form didn't do anything when I clicked Submit"". Yes, sometimes this does submit and sometimes it doesn't! I even tried this with another computer with Internet Explorer and Firefox too. It sometimes submits my score and sometimes it will not. This is a BIG problem which needs to be fixed!"

  12. I played the Cisco Edgequest game, and sometimes when I submit my score it skips the submission and has a bug which restarts the game. Please fix this, otherwise there is no point in this game! Thanks.