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TelePresence: A New Presence for Managed Services

April 21, 2008 - 0 Comments

cisco-telepresence.jpg I am thrilled and excited about today’s announcement that AT&T will offer the industry’s first (1) intercompany; (2) managed Cisco TelePresence service. The Human Network is realized when more people able to experience it and when the experiences we have at home, at work and on the move feel less like technology and more like life-, partners like AT&T certainly share this vision.Intercompany: SizeMatters.One of the key parts of this announcement is the”Intercompany” capability. An intercompany Cisco TelePresence network service, which enables customers to maintain close contact with their extended supply chain or community of interest, has the potential to transform business. Furthermore, as more people use a network service -Telephony, Internet, Web 2.0 social networking, or Intercompany TelePresence, the more valuable the service becomes. Greater value attracts more users, creating a positive feedback loop and continued usage growth -that’s the”Network Effect“. It is no wonder the NewAT&T shares this vision with Cisco;according to Wikipedia, network effect was presented in the 1908 annual report by then AT&T President Theodore Vail — 100 years ago!…. and now IP DNA meets network DNA, fitting anniversary event -.Speaking of IP DNA, this brings me to networking and Internet pioneer, Robert Metcalfe and his law. In this context it inspires: “œThe value of intercompany TelePresence – and the network service that makes it possible – can be expected to increase not linearly, but in proportion to the square of the number of users.”As more companies use intercompany TelePresence, its value for the user and for the provider multiplies. This is certainly true as the network approaches critical mass. A blog post by Bob Metcalfe is interesting and humorous reading on his law. AT&T Managed TelePresence Solution will be available in the second half of 2008 with reach to 23 countries throughout the world. Additional country availability planned for 2009. Early trials of the solution are underway now. Managed TelePresence:”Managed” Matters Managed business services deliver reliability, high availability and confidence. With Cisco TelePresence, enterprise customers connect with each other, partners and suppliers through this highly scalable and secure solution across the world. Adding an ongoing managed service aspect to TelePresence brings confidence that the experience will be delivered.The AT&T solution is an innovative turnkey bundle that integrates AT&T global MPLS VPN network, Cisco TelePresence application, and strategic application management for rapid turn-up and ease of use, assuring the customer experience. AT&T Managed TelePresence will deliver…

  • a bundled, fully-managed service that offers a turn-key solution for enterprises.
  • a”meet-me” business-to-business connectivity feature that allows multiple companies in different locations to connect to one another
  • Web-based application for scheduling, directory assistance and reporting
  • Managed network service enabling converged network solution backed by Service Level Agreements to optimize TelePresence application

As company’s increasingly look to TelePresence in their workplace, the confidence that it can be fully managed should only help them adopt and scale it throughout their business…In a CNN article last week (check out the video link), Ovum analyst David Molony said”There’s no excuse for enterprises not to have [TelePresence] because it fits with global growth strategy, improved working practice, carbon reduction programs, etc — and the business case is demonstrable.” What do you think? Will a managed TelePresence solution help speed market interest and adoption?

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