Super. Simple. Introducing the Cisco ASR 9000 System

June 7, 2011 - 0 Comments

The industry’s flagship Edge router, the Cisco ASR 9000 Series, just got bigger and better.  Today, we’re announcing  an expansion of the series with the Cisco ASR 9922 and the Cisco ASR 9000v.  But this is far more than just adding some cool new boxes to the family (though they are quite cool…)  Rather, this is about how they all work together as one, creating a Cisco ASR 9000 System…which has massive capacity of up to 96 Terabits per second – that’s more for the edge of the network than the original CRS-1 delivered to the core when it was introduced.  To put this capacity in perspective, with 96 Tbps, a single Cisco ASR 9000 System:

  • Could  stream recordings of all Super Bowls, World Cup, and Cricket World Cup matches ever played in less than one second – in high definition;
  • Every man, woman and child in Beijing, London and Moscow (~43 million people) could watch a HD video movie – simultaneously;
  • 180,000 DVD’s could be downloaded every minute, and
  • the entire library of congress could be downloaded in 4 seconds

Truly Super.

It’s able to achieve such an incredible level of capacity – more than 36x that of the competitive offerings – because of the new nV technology which helps the various ASR 9000 units act as a system.  This Cisco innovation connects all of these different units – two primary the Cisco ASR 9922/9010/9006 units + over 1900 Cisco ASR9000v units – together, and operates them as a single “super” unit, breaking the boundaries of the Edge, Aggregation and Access parts of the network.  Like, say a bank with ATMs, all the intelligence resides centrally in the primary units but is able to service the needs of many different, disparate remote locations with the same high quality of experience.  This unique systems approach makes it easier for the operator to manage because it acts not as 1900 different unit but rather as a single, integrated one.  New software update?  No problem – nV technology distributes it easily from the central location, preventing operators from having to individually update 1900 different ones.

Truly Simple.

Such ease of operations, along with the ability to avoid placing much larger units in the various locations, results in some significant savings – up to 70% compared to other competitive offerings.  That means that the savings alone can pay for the ASR 9000 system in less than a year…even if competitors give their equipment away, the Cisco ASR 9000 System still has a better return of investment over a few years.

Add these new capabilities to the long list of other reasons, such as reliability and modular power supplies, as to the reasons why this platform has seen such strong adoption by customers.  The ASR 9000 series has over 500 customers around the world, with 5 new ones – China Telecom, NTT Playa in Japan, Tata Communications in India, Fastweb in Italy, Cox and Comcast in the US – announced in just the past week alone.

And one other good thing about the ASR 9000 system?  All ASR 9000 units already deployed around the world can be upgraded to take on the unique benefits of the Cisco ASR 9000 System.

Truly Super and Simple…and just one more example of Cisco innovation that will benefit our service provider customers as they build the Next Generation Internet which will benefit us all.

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