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Social Media Marketing for Service Providers – Podcasting with Gabriel Garcia, CEO of PodCookie

December 16, 2009 - 1 Comment

Gabriel Garcia of gives an overview of podcasting and how companies can leverage this tool to extend their marketing brand. In this interview with Cisco’s Zoya Fallah, he also discusses the business benefits of podcasting in a business to business space and business to consumer space.

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  1. I can understand that most people might feel this way initially, but as the technology we use to communicate is becoming much more portable and the toolsets on them more accessible to document"" live conversations, I would have to respectfully disagree. We are already seeing mobile applications on smart phones and devices that ""push"" a podcast recording directly to websites and even reference them in a Twitter stream or as a Ustream. Live streaming over the internet via Video is also on the rise and people are using services like Google Voice to conduct free telephone interview that are recorded and archived for streaming as MP3 files. Interviews on Twitter are already being done via links to streaming by way of a short URL as the 140 character limit does not leave much space for an interview per se. I have already been involved in many live stream productions of events directly over the internet via Ustream. If I had to go backwards after an event and document via a blog posting, I would miss so many of the intricate details. The future of communication is a hybrid model of text, audio and video - all remotely captured. Here is a link to a live stream event I recorded which was broadcast live to Ustream and Tweeted about during live filming: The cool thing also was that participants could also view the streaming event on their laptops and tweet live."