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Scaling up for the Zettabyte Era

August 27, 2009 - 0 Comments

Cisco ASR 9000 SeriesOn August 25th Cisco hosted an Investor Relations Conference and issued several press releases related to the ASR 9000 platform. I was able to interview Praveen Akkiraju, Vice President and General Manager of Cisco’s Core Router Business Unit, to discuss some of what was shared and announced.Cisco just announced a 16x10GE line card for the ASR 9000 – why is this important?
For our customers, this is very significant. The use of video and mobile Internet is growing at a staggering rate. By 2013, the sum of all forms of video such as TV, video-on-demand, Internet video, and peer-to-peer will exceed 90 percent of global consumer traffic, according to the Cisco Visual Networking Index. The introduction of this new Ethernet line card unlocks massive capacity from the 400Gbps/slot Cisco ASR 9000.As you can see in this video, this new card demonstrates that we can go well beyond the 100Gbps/slot barrier. This means our customers can meet traffic demands in a system that reduces their capital and operational expenses. With up to 128x10GE ports per system, we’re two to three times greater than what other vendors can provide. Plus, customers have the headroom to grow up to 320x10GE or 32x100GE per system for a total of 6.4 terabits per second of total capacity.However, growth for the future is not just about speed and port density. It’s about adding greater scale along with integrated service delivery. When coupled with an ability to intelligently triage traffic according to priority, the Cisco ASR 9000 further delivers on its vision as a platform engineered for the coming “zettabyte era.” With the new card we continue to incorporate high-performance QoS with up to 2M queues per system, integrated netflow, video performance monitoring, and synchronous Ethernet for mobile backhaul. Integrating these services into the platform provides service providers with the true performance they require for today and for future needs.We saw the increase in Cisco edge market share last week from Synergy – who is now using the ASR9000?
More than 200 global service providers have deployed the Cisco ASR 1000 and 9000 series routers since 2008. And, I’m extremely excited to publicly welcome Cogent Communications and Telstra to the family of ASR 9000 customers. They join customers such as Verizon Wireless and Softbank, among others. The combination of carrier-class reliability, investment protection at 400 Gig per slot, and high performance Ethernet line cards provided a compelling value proposition to our recently announced service providers.Why are customers asking for such high 10GE density, at such a high level of performance?
As I mentioned previously, the growth in video traffic, mobile Internet, and cloud computing continues at a breakneck speed. Video is hard to deliver well. It requires advanced intelligence and better ways to optimize content distribution while also detecting and correcting errors on the fly. You can’t just go back and easily “bolt on” a fix to this problem. It must be integrated natively into the network infrastructure to have a scalable solution. Plus, with mobile traffic expected to grow by a factor of 66 fold between now and 2013, service providers need more efficient ways to backhaul mobile data and video traffic. And, the ASR 9000 with synchronous Ethernet is an effective and essential component of meeting these future mobility needs.What do you expect the market impact of this announcement to be?
This introduction demonstrates Cisco’s Carrier Ethernet leadership in delivering solutions that enable our service providers to handle the demands of their customers. However, let’s not forget that a solution is not just about a single platform – it’s a full view and with an eye to the long-term. You know, if you take a look at what we demonstrated in the EANTC Experience Provider Megatest, we had our entire solution stress tested. From core-to-edge (inclusive of the CRS-1, the edge and aggregation with 7600 and ASR 9000, and the data center with Nexus 5000 and Nexus 7000) the Cisco solution flawlessly delivered multiple types of business and residential video services. This mixture of TelePresence, broadcast video, video-on-demand, digital signage, and IP video surveillance is something no other vendor in the industry can show and instills confidence with our service provider customers in a Cisco solution. While we’re extremely pleased with the slot density, investment protection, integrated services, and high availability of the ASR 9000, we’re more pleased with what these attributes can unlock for our service provider customers. Service providers can focus on the experiences they deliver, knowing that their network foundation is purposefully engineered for them.For more information, please visit “Back to the Core of Cisco’s Business Series, Part 1 – Service Provider Networks

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