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Savvis Symphony VPDC is Music to the Ears

January 29, 2010 - 0 Comments

At VMWorld in August, Savvis unveiled its not-so-secret Project Spirit, the company’s platform for enterprise-class Infrastructure-as-a-Service virtual computing services.  In December, they announced Cisco’s UCS (Unified Computing System)  as the platform for Spirit, and introduced Symphony – the range of Cloud offerings including Project Spriit.  Savvis calls the Spirit portion of this portfolio a Virtual Private Data Center (VPDC).  Effectively the service offers infrastructure as a service (compute, storage and more) as a service to a large number of customers through a simple web interface.

cloudCisco is mentioned as a key strategic partner in helping Savvis create this service.  Savvis uses many elements of Cisco’s Unified Service Delivery (USD) solution, including the UCS for compute nodes, Nexus  and Catalyst switches including Application Control Engine and  Firewall Services Modules for data-center networking, and a Cisco-powered IP NGN network interconnecting their data centers.

Of course, we’re very proud that we’re providing the infrastructure solution.  But that wasn’t what I meant by the title to this post.

What’s exciting to me is the fact that cloud computing is moving from the hobby shop to the production floor, and service providers are beginning to offer world-class cloud offers to their customers.

The Savvis offering is distinct from other IaaS offers in several ways, but in my opinion, the most important is the fact that Savvis Symphony VPDC includes the types of features that enterprises will require if Cloud Computing is to become a staple element of every business.

Security is factored in as table-stakes requirement, not an afterthought.  Every tier of service has a Service Level Agreement (SLA) associated with it.  And Savvis has chosen to partner with the industry-leader in internal, private-cloud software, VMWare, for the hypervisor technology and API.  This makes it very easy for enterprises already relying on VMWare for internal deployments to move those workloads to the Savvis Symphony offering.

Cisco has talked publicly in the past about our point-of-view on cloud computing, and we strongly believe that the industry will move from private clouds, to hybrid clouds, and ultimately to an “inter-cloud” where a marketplace of cloud services exists and workloads flow seamlessly between enterprises and service providers based on the fundamental laws of supply-and-demand.  Cloud computing will also enable these enterprise class services to be offered to much smaller businesses who would never be able to develop the services themselves. 

Security, committed service levels, and interoperability are the three key barriers that I continually hear from Cisco’s enterprise customers citing when they explain why they’re not ready to adopt externally-provided cloud services yet.  We also believe that the economics is very compelling – with very strong opex and capex advantages for service providers who provide this type of service, see the Cisco IaaS ROI & Configuration Guidance Tool.

Savvis Symphony VPDC is taking a big step towards addressing those needs, and that is a sign of things to come.

I’d like to get your take on this: does a service like VPDC from a service provider address your company’s needs?

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