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Read All About It! Clouds, Consumers, Entertainment – and You

September 8, 2011 - 0 Comments

If you’ve been wondering about the actual intersections between consumers, video entertainment, and the cloud, check out Monday’s IBE publication article.

Titled “The Future of Consumer Entertainment: Delivered Through the Network-Enabled Cloud,” the article identifies six use cases for the business of consumer clouds. Why do it, short version? Try a potential $8.6 billion in service provider revenues by 2015, for cloud-based services.

Getting ready to build your own cloud? Be sure to ask about the “unmanaged” side – devices, consumers, and networks, according to the article. What are the considerations for providing a high QoE (Quality of Experience), over unmanaged networks, to unmanaged devices? It’s all part of the reason for an intelligent network, capable of mining the capabilities unique to service providers, and that conventional cloud offerings can’t easily provide.

This IBE publication article also details the core building blocks necessary to build a network-enabled, intelligent cloud – including content management, transcoding, multicast-unicast conversions, and edge caching, among others.

The article closes with a clear depiction of the business challenges that inevitably parallel today’s technological conversations – and clouds are no exception. Ultimately, the cloud is coming, and service providers are in an excellent position to participate.

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