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NXTcomm Update: Broadband Wireless Solution

June 19, 2008 - 2 Comments

We’re excited to talk to you about our Cisco Broadband Wireless Solution which integrates WiMax, WiFi, and PWLAN hot-spot technologies.Liza Garza, Marketing ManagerGuest Blogger

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  1. SW upgradable refers to the fact that since our Cisco 8305 BWX base station is built on the SDR (Software Definable Radio) concept, the upgrade of the BTS from the proprietary CDMA to WiMAX 802.16e is fully SW upgradeable and no HW changes are required. Same is true when we perform WiMAX 802.16e upgrades from one release to the other as we introduce new features. All HW including antenna, RF radio head, BTS HW remain intact and only a SW image update is required. Note that Cisco WiMAX BTS uses DSP and FPGA based digital board design and no SoC (system on a Chip) or 802.16e specific chipset is used in the digital section thereby enabling the SDR SW upgradeable capability.If you have any further questions, you can email, and you will reach the product management team directly.Thanks for the question,Lisa Garza

  2. With respect to the Cisco BWX Mobile WiMAX system, can anyone tell me what is ment by software upgradable””. What are the configuration parameters that are “”software defined””.”